On Batwoman Season 2 Episode 9, everyone deals with saying final farewells to Kate differently. Gotham's Commissioner meets a bad end, and Black Mask makes his entrance.

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Kate's funeral takes place while Ryan dedicates her Desert Rose to Kate's memory. Black Mask tells Kate that she'll have a life after death.
Angelique arrives while Mary and Ryan are having breakfast to ask Ryan to reconsider their relationship. She says she's found a way to leave the drug scene.
Alice is in the Cartwright basement and hears someone coming only to be confronted with Kate as a child.
The False Face Society guns down the city's police commissioner. A woman witnesses the killing and runs.
Roman Sionis addresses the public, offering his help in combating the crime of Gotham.
The Crows and Team Batwoman separately discover the video surveillance of the killing has been tampered with. Ryan notes the graffiti that was left unfinished and Mary tracks the artist's signature down. Luke identifies the artist as Jordan Moore who is Sophie's younger sister.
Jordan comes to Sophie for help but they are attacked and Batwoman saves them. Jordan describes a bracelet the getaway driver was wearing and Batwoman realizes it was Angelique.
Ryan confronts Angelique. Mary and Luke tell Ryan she's biased.
Sophie and Jordan see Ryan at The Hold Up where Jordan impresses Ryan.
Angelique reaches out but the False Faces get her before Batwoman can get to her.
Batwoman gets knocked out when she tries to rescue Angelique but Sophie saves her. They spring Angelique but she confesses to the killing instead of turning on Black Mask.
Julia makes a call to someone she's spoken to before but has no memory of it.
Ryan proposes Team Batwoman help create Jordan's community center.
Alice's hallucination convinces her she can wipe Kate altogether from her memory.
Black Mask brings Enigma to Kate

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On Batwoman Season 2 Episode 9, Batwoman confronts Gotham's biggest foe, while new information forces those closest to Kate to make some difficult decisions.

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Batwoman Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Your family has declared you dead, Kate Kane. But sit tight. We'll make them believe in life after death.

Black Mask

Like everything good in my life, I thought my time as The Bat was temporary. But it's real now. And I'm not in your shadow anymore. I'm it. I am Batwoman.