On Batwoman Season 2 Episode 10, Batwoman disrupts the Snakebite production in Gotham but another plot targets something important to Ryan. Jacob gets a hit of Snakebite.

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Batwoman's campaign against the False Face Society disrupts the production of Snakebite. Jacob gets ambushed in his car and injected with the drug causing him to have a hallucination where he saved Beth as a child from August Cartwright.
Ryan visits Angelique in prison where she tells her about the community center's open house.
At the open house, a reporter asks about how they might be a target. A masked man enters and destroys the center with a lightning gun.
Sophie and Julia discuss Julia's memory gaps. Julia gets a message from Alice to meet her at the Cartwright farmhouse.
She wants Julia to help her find Enigma so she can have memories of Kate wiped. Julia realizes that Evelyn Rhyme is Enigma.
Jacob meets with Dr. Rhyme who realizes he's been exposed to Snakebite and offers to counsel him.
Batwoman finds Spence in an alley where he explains that the community center is the latest in a string of attacks on community services for at-risk youth. Kilovolt shows up again and hits them both but Batwoman is able to grab his weapon and get Spence to Mary in her old clinic.
Luke examines the weapon and finds a fingerprint of a convict who has been in prison for the last two years. Prison surveillance puts him in the prison at the time of the attacks even though Ryan sees the wound she gave Kilovolt on Mickey K.'s arm.
Luke finds a trail that leads to the prison CEO. Batwoman fights him and his gang but Luke saves the day.
Roman Sionis leaves a Snakebite dose with Jacob.
Black Mask kills off the members he feels failed him.
Angelique gives up the names but is taken prisoner by the False Face Society.

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On Batwoman Season 2 Episode 10, several people walk down their memory lanes and find the unexpected. Black Mask and the False Face Society continue to cause problems.

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Batwoman Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Ryan: He told me Batwoman killed his daughter. Seriously, that doesn't shorten the list?
Luke: There is no list. Kate never killed anybody's daughter. Don't forget, he also blames the Crows. I assume, next week, it'll be Aquaman.

You pretty much broke the Internet with your latest False Face takedown. Only thing that would've gotten you more likes is if you'd done it holding a kitten.