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Sally learns more about the magical connection as she's trapped with Donna in a mysterious place. 

Sally and Donna are some sort of a spa in the afterlife, arguing over magazines.

Aidan and Nora are running from a werewolf, which happens to be Josh in his wolf form.

Nora and Aidan are staying in a camper somewhere in the outdoors.

Josh is trapped in wolf form. Aidan is running him three times a day, but they don’t know why he turned or how to get him back.

Donna is being patient with Sally, but Sally isn't sure exactly why. Donna tells her she has done it many times before. Sally just doesn't want to think about where they really are.

Nora puts on a pretty dress and goes to the barn. She finds Josh, tells him they have maybe 30 minutes and they make love.

The holding cell Sally and Donna are in is because they dodged too many deaths and destroyed a death spot.

It’s revealed to be the full moon. Josh now seems to change counter to the normal moon phases.

Josh wants Aidan to kill him because nobody should live with a burden like him.

Aidan is still seeing Kat, but he’s not with her because it’s Josh’s only night as a human. Josh talks him into going to a faculty dinner with her and leaving him alone.

Sally realizes that if Donna dragged her down through Sally’s death spot, then Sally has to find Donna’s to get back.

Donna finds her way back, discovering Donna’s death spot was in a ShopMart.

When Aidan meets up with Kat, he sees Susanna. While he searches for her, Susanna chats with Kat, who introduces herself as Diana.

Josh looks through the camper, thinking about his life.

Aidan is making love with Kat, who turns into Susanna, but it’s only a dream. Sally wakes him up and begins telling her tale.

Aidan worries that Sally may be too powerful and being home may not be safe for her.

Josh wakes up Nora in the barn. Nora feels like she’s failing Josh, without answers, and she’s getting scared. Josh assures her she’s not.

Aidan takes Sally to Nora and he tells Nora that Josh wants him to kill him. Josh shows up on a bridge and when he starts to attack, Sally puts up her hand and flames encircle Josh so that Nora can tranq Josh. Sally then disappears and finds herself somewhere else in the woods.

Aidan goes to work and Blake is there, picking up bodies for Sapp & Sons funeral home. He doesn't want to be involved.

When Blake gets back to the office, it turns out Kenny is now running Boston. He’s not the same deformed kid we saw last, and he’s definitely in charge. He can even make Blake squirm.

In the woods, Sally sees a door and walks through it. She stumbles upon a group of women standing around a bed holding candles while a young girl lays on it and they all say repeatedly, “The blood of the child revives us.” Sally screams.

Kat and Aidan have sex and she screams “I love you!” in the heat of the moment. She tells him that she knew she was in love with him the morning after Josh and Nora were married, but she’s not going to cease to exist if he doesn't say it back.

Susanna then rings his doorbell.

Being Human
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Being Human Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

Nora: You really need to take a shower.
Aidan: Oh, you bet I do.

Some people go to England for their honeymoon. I bait my husband with a goat.