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There are unintended consequences when Sally uses her new powers to free Josh from his wolf. 

Susanna cannot come inside the house.

Sally is in the barn with Josh.

Nora doesn't want Sally to try to connect with Josh, but Sally thinks she can help him.

Nora and Sally agree that Donna's magic got Josh into his situation, so they should use it to try to get him out of it.

Bishop created Susanna.

Sally finds a book in a field that is really a basement... or something witchy.

Aidan tells Susanna he abandoned her son and in all the years he never had the guts to find out what happened to him. She tells him that he died a grandfather.

Sally tries to be funny in front of Aidan and Susanna, thinking Susanna couldn't see her.

Nora decides to take the risk on Josh's life during the waning moon with Donna's powers and a witch's spell.

Sally needs the blood of a woman during that time of the month for the spell to work, and Aidan tells Nora he can smell it.

The discussion that erupts afterward with Aidan walking aways saying "no no no no no no" is priceless.

After Nora drops her junk into the baby pool, Sally pulls out a dagger which she then has to put into Josh's wolf's heart.

Right after Josh plunges the dagger into Josh's heart, Sally disappears into an alternate version of the barn. She finds Aidan in a version of the house, but seeing things that have already happened. She's traveling through time.

As Aidan is sitting beside Josh's wolf, a hand pops out of it's mouth. Aidan starts to cut the wolf apart and Josh is inside. He's born of his wolf. Josh isn't himself. He's quiet and seems scared.

Sally shows up and tells Nora she shouldn't have done anything without her, that the spell wasn't done and maybe Aidan was right -- she shouldn't have messed with the magic.

Aidan visits Susanna and when she invites him inside, she's holding a giant wooden cross behind her back.

Susanna tells Aidan that Bishop mistreated her and decided that she wasn't worthy of his son, even though he originally made her as a gift for Aidan.

Susanna tells Aidan she wants to let the past stay in the past. He has friends and something of his own and she's really glad.

Kat wanted to surprise Aidan with her body, and is in his bed in a teddy, and she's covered in blue highlighter ink. Aidan tells her he likes their life and he loves her.

Susanna self-flagellates because she didn't tell Aidan an important part of her story. She hallucinated seeing Aidan after turning into a vampire and he told her to feed. The person she fed upon was her son.

Bishop didn't turn him not out of cruelty to her, but not to be cruel to Isaac who he could not trap in eternity as a child. Bishop suggests they let that be their secret for eternity.

Sally talks to Josh about what he went through and asks if he'll tell he if something is wrong. He says he's just tired, but when she leaves, he jumps out of bed and opens the window. He needs air. He looks into the mirror and wolf eyes are staring back.


Being Human
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Being Human Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Josh, it's me. Sally. I want you to know I came back different. Powerful.


Nora: What?
Aidan: Um...I can smell it? I'm sorry!
Nora: Oh my God!
Aidan: Now I'm horrified!
Nora: Is that like an ongoing skillset?
Aidan: No. Well...
Nora: So in all the time we've known each other and all the time we've lived together, you could...
Aidan: It just kind of comes with the territory of being a vampire! There's not much I can do about that.
Nora: Great!

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