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In another flashback, Better Call Saul Season 1 Episode 4 shows another glimpse into the time before Jimmy McGill became an attorney in Albuquerque. He and a guy he met in a bar walk around town after last call and Jimmy uses the name "Saul Goodman" for the first time in the show's run. They stumble upon a wallet and the man to whom it belongs asleep in an alley and it turns out to be a con Jimmy and the man are running on strangers.

In the present day, Jimmy and the Kettlemans talk about why they ran. Betsy says they won't give the money back and she offers Jimmy a stack of cash in exchange for keeping the money a secret. He says he can't take a bribe but he can accept a retainer. Betsy and Craig won't agree to hire him saying he's the kind of lawyer guilty people hire.

Jimmy thanks Mike for helping him with the case before heading into the court to see that Nacho is released from custody. Once the cuffs are off and Nacho is a free man, Jimmy asks if they're square. Nacho holds a grudge believing Jimmy is the one who ratted him out to the Kettlemans. Jimmy tries to make the case that a good samaritan was saving Nacho from a bigger headache if he'd done something stupid.

That night in his office-apartment, Jimmy tries to figure out how to explain the money he took from the Kettlemans to the IRS and then goes shopping for new suits. He needs an image makeover if he's going to gain new clients. 

Kim calls to invite him to dinner and a movie just before Hamlin walks in to ask her to take a ride with him. Jimmy has taken out a billboard and he's essentially knocked off the HHM logo. Hamlin wants Kim to talk to Jimmy so she visits him at the salon. She brings a cease and desist letter along with her and tells him impersonating HHM is serious business.

When a judge rules that Jimmy must take down the billboard within 48 hours, Jimmy begins calling news desks and investigative journalists hoping one of them will take up his story and help to tarnish the name of Hamlin, Hamlin, and McGill. He strikes out and then a University of New Mexico student walks by giving Jimmy an idea.

Jimmy hires a student journalist and begins filming an infomercial about HHM's lawsuit against him at the site of the billboard removal. During the middle of filming the man hired to take down the billboard falls off the platform and Jimmy scales the billboard pole to save the sign worker. Dozens of on-lookers stop to watch the heroic rescue as the film student continues to roll the tape. Much like in the flashback, Jimmy set this up.

Jimmy checks his messages and finds that people are finally calling. 

Jimmy visits Chuck and won't take the paper into his brother's house because he doesn't want Chuck to know the stunt he pulled in order to get clients. That, of course, is the paper Chuck wants. Draped in a space blanket and with cash in hand, Chuck ventures out into the neighborhood and takes the neighbor's paper. He sees Jimmy on the front page.

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Better Call Saul Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Betsy: I'm sorry. You're just...
Jimmy: I'm what?
Betsy: You're the kind of lawyer guilty people hire.

You know? You assume that criminals are going to be smarter than they are. Kind of breaks my heart a little.