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A bloody car gets cleaned as the cousins come to pick up Lalo's bail money.

A man calls in a tip about the money.

Lalo laughs at Gus' restaurant being burned down.

Lalo explains to Saul how Saul will retrieve the money.

Lalo tells Saul he doesn't have to pick up the money, but Saul says he'll do it for $100,000, and Lalo agrees.

Kim raises her concern about Jimmy picking up the cash.

Saul picks up the cash from the cousins and heads out of the desert, but is stopped by men with guns.

A firefight begins but Saul is saved from the gunmen by Mike, however one gunman gets away.

Saul is in shock.

Saul's car breaks down and they ditch it, but not before Saul retrieves his mug, which now has a bullet hole in it.

The gunman that escaped is hunting for Mike and Saul, so they move off the main path.

Saul admits to Mike that he told Kim about the situation.

Kim visits Lalo to get information on where Saul is.

Mike and Saul struggle through the desert.

Saul gives up, but Mike encourages him to keep going.

They take out the gunman hunting them and clear their path.


Better Call Saul
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