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Jimmy and Kim head to the courthouse to get married.

Huell presses Jimmy as to the nature of the marriage.

Kim explains the conditions of the marriage to Jimmy.

Sauls gets a new client.

Kim and Rich apologize to Kevin for the situation with Goodman getting out of hand.

Kevin tells Kim she can do better than Goodman.

Kim tells Kevin that he ignored all the advising that Rich and Kim offered, and says if he can't take their advice maybe they shouldn't work together.

Saul talks to Lalo about their defense options.

Lalo tells Saul he's going to get out on bail, and if he does Saul will become a friend of the cartel.

Mike reads to his granddaughter.

Mike says he is better.

Jimmy tells Kim about Lalo.

Nacho tells Mike that he wants out for him and his father.

Nacho tells Mike that Lalo ordered him to burn down Los Pollos Hermanos.

Gus premieres a new product.

Gus explains why he can't take out Lalo.

Mike calls Saul for help getting Lalo out and provides him the materials to do so.

Gus and Nacho burn down a Los Pollos Hermanos.

Saul gets Lalo out on bail.

Howard confronts Jimmy about his behavior towards him.

Jimmy freaks out on Howard.

Better Call Saul
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