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When the company's computer accidentally deletes Ted Chips (the computer insists on calling him that and it's rarely wrong), the only way Ted can get back into the system is to re-apply for the position.  When Veronica makes Ted go through the full hiring process, he's so insulted he heads home.  Linda, meanwhile, is put in charge of the Lab and ends up taking the troops back to Ted's house when she can't handle it.

They decide they're going to crash the mainframe in order to reboot it and get Ted back in the system.  They all hatch a group plan to break in but end up getting caught... apparently the computer knows where everyone is located based on their badge!  After Veronica is told by her boss they found someone they'd rather hire instead of Ted, she actually displays some emotion and hatches a plan.

Veronica gathers as many ID badges as she can and puts them in a fake parachute pack she gives Lem as he's testing the company jetpack.  The mainframe ends up crashing when it can't compute how so many employees launched into space at once.  Ted's back!

Better Off Ted
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Better Off Ted Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Don't bother with HR. I can fake any ID with a razor blade and wite-out. Trust me, I've been 21 since I was 15


Sometimes big companies make big mistakes. Like yesterday's, which caused a million fish in Lake Michigan to grow fur