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Ronald, now going by Arthur, has moved onto another town where he’s in a relationship with a single mom named Scarlet.

Cassie and Jenny tail a husband, Alan, who is suspected of cheating by his wife. At a motel, two men enter Alan’s hotel room, and Cassie and Jenny ambush the meeting, which appears to be a deal gone wrong.

While Cassie and Jenny are in a showdown with the men, Alan disappears. Later, the two men find Alan at a nearby hotel.

Cassie meets with US Marshall Mark Lindor, who is on the Ronald case.

Jerrie keeps getting strange calls from an unknown number at the Dewell and Hoyt office and believes it to be Ronald.

One of the men after Alan confronts him in the hotel room, and after a brief struggle, Alan kills the man. Cassie, Jenny, and Mark arrive a bit later, having tracked Alan to the hotel and discover Alan was in the process of selling horse sperm to the men when Cassie and Jenny interrupted earlier.

The ladies visit Alan’s wife and discover she and her dad are being held hostage by the other man who met with Alan. Jenny is able to subdue the suspect, and Alan is arrested.

Jenny gets a phone call from an old flame, Blake Kleinsasser, who asks for her help.

Big Sky
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Big Sky Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Look, I think about it, too. Everything. Cody. The other girls that Ronald kidnapped. But we saved those girls. We nailed that son of a bitch, Legarski. There's something to that.

Jenny [to Cassie]

Bruce: Alan isn't missing.
Cassie: What are you talking about?
Bruce: I just spoke with him. Called me about an hour ago, he said he'll be home this evening.
Cassie: Why didn't you tell Naomi?
Bruce: He didn't want me to.