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While Erik throws questions at him, Ronald starts making bombs and booby traps.

Ronald has a dream in which he sees Jerrie and some of his other victims. Merilee catches him, but Rick continues to insist he doesn’t remember anything.

The police, Cassie, and others go door to door looking for Erik. Cassie goes to Ronald’s, and she recognizes him from the time she spotted him at Merilee’s shop. After Jerrie identifies Ronald through Helen’s social media, Tubbs and a team of cops descend upon the house.

Once the cops realize the house is bobby-trapped and rigged to explode, everyone but Jennie leaves. Believing she’s found Erik unconscious, she gets out of the house just before it explodes. But she realizes the body she has is Helen’s.

Ronald escapes with Erik in the priest’s Tesla, and a chase ensues down the Interstate.

After Rick refuses once again to name Ronald and help with Erik’s rescue, Merilee confronts him and informs him that she knows he thought about killing her with a hammer.

She then subsequently beats him to death with the hammer.

Cassie and Jenny are able to stop the Tesla and rescue Erik. But Ronald has escaped, as the car was on autopilot and the priest was behind the wheel.

Big Sky
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Big Sky Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Penelope: I don't shame, if that's where you're headed. I don't beat myself up.
Merilee: Difference between us, I guess. I do.

Erik: If you kill a kid, you'll never even make it to trial. This is Montana!
Ronald: Shut up!