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Cassie and Jenny search the Legarksi’s for Ronald, but he’s already gone by the time they enter the bedroom.

Ronald makes his way back to his house and disposes of his cellphone.

As Rick continues to improve, Penelope asks him to take a polygraph test, which he later does and appears to pass.

Fearing that Rick is faking his amnesia, Cassie and Jenny dress up as nurses, and Cassie infiltrates his room to see if he recognizes her, but he doesn’t appear to.

A paperboy, Erik, recognizes Ronald from the sketch in the paper and takes pictures of him outside his house. Before he can leave, Ronald kidnaps him and puts him in a cage in the basement.

Erik’s mom goes to Denise looking for him, and they deduce that he was looking for Ronald. The police then start to canvas the houses on Erik’s route.

A priest comes by Ronald’s house looking for Helen and then comes inside to talk to Ronald about his mother’s concerns. Erik moves the cage across the floor and opens the freezer containing Helen’s body, prompting him to scream.

Ronald comes downstairs to silence him, and the priest follows. A struggle ensues, and Ronald kills the priest.

Jenny confronts Legarski, but he again seems unfamiliar with her and his crimes.

Ronald asks Erik why he was taking his picture, and Erik answers before revealing he was able to smuggle a taser and staplegun into the cage with him.

Merilee asks Rick again to help identify Ronald, but he claims he can’t. However, he begins tapping his fingers, leading Merilee to look on horrified.

Ronald begins dousing the basement in gasoline, with Erik still in the cage.

Big Sky
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Big Sky Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Tubb: Hey. We're gonna increase the drive-bys where you're staying.
Jerrie: Can't you just position somebody there?
Tubb: I wish we could.
Jerrie: I should be okay. My friend's husband has a big dog. And a big gun. I think it's an AK-47.
Tubb: Okay, I didn't hear that.

Cassie: If you know anything at all about this guy...
Merilee: I don't. Obviously I don't know anything. Except that I'm the world's biggest dope.