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Jenny and Rand standoff before Joh Wayne comes and escorts Jenny to the cabin Rosie and Blake were at the night of her assault.

Deputy Gregor takes Cassie to the sheriff, but when she tries to escape, he hits her with a rock, rendering her unconscious. Having recorded parts of the encounter on the Dewell and Hoyt voicemail, Jerries takes the recordings to Mark, who travels to Lochsa and gets her released from the sheriff’s custody.

Jerrie sings at a local bar and sees Ronald in the audience.

Horst tells the family that he is giving the farm to John Wayne.

Scarlet finds the letter Mark left at Helen’s grave in Ronald’s pocket and confronts him about it.

Cassie and Jenny find Rosie, who tells them about the night of her attack and Rand also being in the house that night.

After an argument with Horst, Blake digs up the skeleton of Cole Danvers, a boy that Rand killed years ago, and Blake helped cover-up. John Wayne discovers him, and when Blake tells him he wants to come clean, John Wayne hits him in the head with a shovel. Cheyenne witnesses the whole exchange.

Big Sky
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Big Sky Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

You know they were there that night. With Rosie. Oh, yeah. Yeah, I seen them come in late, and the next day they made a big show about finding her.

Cheyenne [to Blake]

John Wayne: I don't want any trouble.
Jenny: Your psycho brother attacked me.
John Wayne: No, he was just defending the ranch from trespassing. That is what you're doing.