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Paige agrees to help Sunny save Walter if she helps her get back her journal.

Poppernak attends a wedding for family friend Skylar, but before it begins, the groom, Austin, is found dead.

Beau and Jenny confront Walter over the girl who was with Walter during the fire, and he tells them that he was protecting her by setting the fire, and then he set her free.

Cassie decides she wants to find Meredith with Beau's help. And Emily is able to find her by searching for name changes.

Jenny and Poppernak work the wedding murder and discover that Skylar's father argued with Austin the night before. He explains that he was upset with Austin for dropping a prenup on Skylar at the last minute.

Sunny meets with Donno and Tonya and tells them Paige is alive, and if they help keep her safe, she will split the money with them. They agree.

Avery goes to a pawn shop and purchases a gun. Later, he calls Carla and tells her that he loves her and will do anything to keep him safe.

Skylar tells Poppernak and Jenny that Austin discovered a dinosaur fossil, and that's why he insisted on the prenup. Jenny then goes to the dig site and meets Austin's best man, Carson, who claims he was in bed when Austin was murdered.

Cassie and Beau meet with Meredith, who tells them that the Walter she knew wasn't a killer. And that after the fire, his birth mother, who had beautiful red hair, picked them up and told her to disappear and change her name.

Buck goes to the campground where Paige is hiding, but it's unclear if he's seen her.

Carla calls Beau, worried about Avery, and the two meet at his hotel room. There Beau finds out Avery is going after the money.

Poppernak tells Jenny that a crew member at the wedding saw a figure in Austin's room, and there was a decorative logo on the jacket. Having seen that jacket on Carson earlier, Jenny and Poppernak confront him. He tells them Austin was having an affair with another crew member, Natalie, who was in Skylar's wedding and had a jacket.

Sunny brings Donno and Tonya to the campsite to get Paige, but she's gone.

Poppernak and Jenny deduce that Skylar is the killer, and they find her at the dig site where she's attempting to bury a battered Natalie. They're able to subdue Skylar and save Natalie.

Jenny goes to Beau's with beers, and the two share a moment before Carla and Emily come to stay with him.

Avery calls Tony and tells him he wants a larger finders fee and guarantee his family will be safe before he turns over the money. Tony then tells Winston to track Avery and his family.

Jenny goes home and finds bloodied clothing on her floor and her mother.

Cassie goes to the Barnes' house, unaware that Buck is inside with a tied-up Paige and a knife in his hand.

Big Sky
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Big Sky Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Beau: So, wait, does this mean you're Pops plus one at a wedding?
Jenny: Jealous?
Beau: Yeah. I wanna be Pops plus one.

Beau: Well, according to this, there was another kid in that house. A little girl named Meredith. She was never found.
Jenny: Did you kill her, too?
Walter: I was protecting her from them. They hurt her worse than me.
Jenny: Where is she now?
Walter: I set her free.