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Jody Cutter is killed outside her home by a person in a wolf-like mask. Beau and Jenny investigate and look into her daughter and husband's alibi. Beau doesn't think it's a random killing.

Sunny tells Cormac to mind his business when he heads into town for supplies.

Cassie stops by the station with the photo Mark emailed his parents and asks them to pass it to their tech person. Later, Beau and Jenny get surveillance footage from the Cutter's neighbor that shows a man in a mask outside their home.

Carla stops by the station to see Beau and inquire about the missing backpacker before she heads up to meet Emily and Avery.

Buck confronts Sunny about Walt, telling her that he needs to stay gone. She then goes to Walt and tells him that he has to go.

Josy's daughter, Autumn, tells Beau and Jenny that her mother is having an affair. They visit her lover's antique shop, and he tells them that he sold her the mask that the killer was wearing.

A man comes to the diner and tells Donno and Tonya that Ren suggested them. He asks for their help finding people who owe his boss. The people in question are Luke and Paige.

Cormac runs into Jenny at a rope shop and accompanies her to Deadman's Drop on ATVs.

Jenny and Beau look for Grant at the bike shop, and his co-worker tells him he went to the warehouse. When they find out that's untrue, they return to the Cutters and find Grant stabbed and Autumn missing.

Cormac and Cassie hike to where vultures are gathered out in the woods and find Mark's body.

Emily talks to Luke about Paige's disappearance and gets their conversation on tape.

Grant tells Beau and Jenny it was Scott who attacked him. They travel to his house and discover a hidden room where Autumn is being kept. After a struggled, Scott is killed, and Autumn is eventually reunited with her father.

Donno locates Luke and Paige to Sunny Days, and they decide to take the job.

Sunny and Buck go to the cabin and tell Walt he has to leave. After a brief fight with Buck, Walt refuses to leave. And once Buck and Sunny leave, Walt checks on an injured Paige, who is being kept at the cabin.

Big Sky
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Big Sky Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Jenny: Interesting.
Beau: What?
Jenny: You're still in love with her.
Beau: No, I'm not.
Jenny: Yes, you are.
Beau: No, stop it.
Jenny: You are. Just admit it.

Jenny: It's usually the husband, but I don't know.
Beau: Now why's it always gotta be the husband?
Jenny: Cause it usually is.
Beau: Uh-huh.