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Walter tells Paige that Sunny is his mother, and she asks him to go to the camp to retrieve something for her.

Beau visits a bike shop to look at bikes for Emily, and he witnesses an attempted robbery. He chases after the would-be robber, who escapes in a waiting truck.

Cassie finds a talisman in Mark's pocket.

Carla, Tonya, and Donno arrive at Sunny Days.

Having gotten the license plate off the truck, Beau and Poppernak track it to a nearby lot. Poppernak, separated from Beau, is kidnapped by the robber Trent, and his accomplice, Heather. The two and truck driver Wyatt take Popernak with them as they attempt to rob a bank.

The coroner rules Mark's death an accident, which Cassie refuses to accept.

Sunny tells Buck what happened with Mark's death. And she tells him they will be moving Walter no matter what he says.

Heather and Trent get into a bank, holding Poppernak at gunpoint. Trent shoots one of the workers before the three get into the vault.

Jenny and Beau discover Trent is a bank robber, and they track him to the bank. They arrive just after Poppernak saves Heather from being shot by Trent.

Trent leaves on a motorcycle, and Beau chases after him on another. He arrives at the truck before Trent, and he captures Wyatt before capturing Trent when he eventually shows up. Meanwhile, Jenny eventually gets the upper hand on Heather, saving Poppernak.

Luke tells Tonya and Donno that Paige took 15 million dollars. Later, Avery approaches Luke and tells him he can help him.

Cassie searches the woods for the red hearts engraved on the trees after Cormac tells her about them. And while in the woods, she sees Walter's truck on fire.

Big Sky
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Big Sky Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Jenny: You two been here all night?
Cassie: I wasn't gonna leave the body.
Jenny: And he wasn't gonna leave you.

Paige: Your mom is Sunny?
Walter. Yes.
Paige: Why is Sunny keeping you out here?
Walter: To protect me from other people. And the police.