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Emily runs away from Luke and into Cormac. Luke catches up to them, and they head back to camp, where Luke tells them Paige ran off, he followed and fell, and when he came to, she was gone. With Paige's belongings gone from her tent, everyone concludes Paige has left.

Buck is suspicious of Luke's story.

Jenny and Beau investigate a body found on the Mooney property and find Gil Mooney dead. They are shot at by Ivan, who later explains that Gil was killed by gold mine swindlers who cheated Gil out of money.

Denise and Cassie find Mark's car and his trip itinerary.

Emily tells Avery that she doesn't believe Luke's story.

Jenny and Poppernak find the man, Harold, who's been peddling the gold mine con, and his accomplice, who happens to be Jenny's mother, Gigi. They find Gigi, and she tells them she is there to track down Harold because he stole from her.

Sunny goes to Walt and tells him to move Mark's body further away. And while moving the body, he gets a flat tire. Cassie and Denise see him, and Cassie offers to help, but he declines.

Jenny and Beau get $30K from the state and go undercover to bust Harold. As they're arresting him, Ivan arrives and shoots at Harold. Harold escapes briefly before breaking his ankle and getting arrested. Jenny then realizes that Gigi has stolen the money while she and Beau were preoccupied.

After earlier finding out that Mark emailed a picture of himself to his parents, Cassie and Denise find the sight of his picture and discover it was not a recent picture.

Walt tells Sunny about his run-in with Cassie.

Sunny buries Paige's bag.

Gigi goes to see Tonya and Donno.

Big Sky
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Big Sky Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

One dead body. Happy Monday, Hoyt.


Buck: I sure hope he's telling the truth.
Sunny: Me, too.