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A young man, Mark, is out hiking when he encounters a cassette player playing music and then a man with a knife. He leaves the man after refusing to help him with a dead deer. But later, the man approaches him, and Mark falls off a cliff.

Denise brings Mark's missing person case to Cassie, and she visits Sunny Day excursions to inquire and gives Sunny a flyer.

Jenny and Beau encounter a man running down the street in his underwear and discover he's a corrections officer who was seduced and then beaten up before the convict, Faith, stole his gun and ran off.

Sunny and her husband Buck welcome their guests to the campsite. Guests include Emily, Beau's daughter, her stepfather Avery, and couple Paige and Luke.

Jenny and Beau go to a mini-mart that was robbed by Faith., who takes the cashier hostage. They later discover that the hostage was the brother of Faith's ex-boyfriend, and when they go to his apartment, his body falls on Jenny's truck.

When Jenny investigates the apartment, she finds girls' clothing. And Poppernak later informs them that Faith's ex has a daughter who is getting ready to leave the country with her aunt and uncle.

Jenny and Beau go to the aunt's job, where they find Faith. They let her say goodbye to the daughter before arresting her.

Cassie makes an offer on the old Bhullar ranch to Tonya, which she accepts.

Paige and Luke spend time in the woods when blood drips onto Paige from above. Sunny and Buck find a dead coyote and believe the blood comes from that.

Beau, Cassie, and Jenny have a movie night, where Beau worries about his relationship with Emily.

Sunny burns the missing person flyer and then brings smores out to the knife man who interacted with Mark in the woods earlier. 


Big Sky
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Big Sky Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Well, it's our job to get them in the Big Sky state of mind.


Beau: Denise, you keep cooking for me like this, Imma need a whole new wardrobe. And I don't even know where to shop in this town.
Denise: That's okay, I'll take you. Make sure everything fits right, especially in the back.
Beau: Okay. Okay. You're gonna make me blush.