Bitten Season 2 Episode 4 Review: Dead Meat

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At least one paired witch and werewolf are trusting each other at the end of Bitten Season 2 Episode 4.

It's definitely slow going with the bunch, but that's to be expected. If everyone was in the know, they'd be a lot more eager to put their issues behind them and team up for the greater good.

Exactly what the "Undoing" is has not yet been revealed, but the gist of it is – kill all the wolves and witches with a magical elixir created by a combination of their blood.

We don't know exactly why the lone male witch wants to do it, but there were some hints dropped about that tonight. If there's a male witch, then someone must have broken the commandment. I don't know what the commandment is, but breaking one is never something one sets out to achieve.

The look on Ruth's face was an indicator she's aware of who it might have been.

Jeremy tried to dig a little more out of her, but she's not ready to give him too much. As I said there's not a whole lot of trust between the two groups. 

But, there is a saying about safety in numbers and neither of the groups has that at the moment. At Stonehaven we have one coven consisting of two members and a pack with three. At least the pack has five, but two are off at the...where are they? I'm just calling it the lab for lack of a better reference. They're experimenting on everyone, after all.

Once Savannah is able to convey to Ruth and Paige what's going on at the lab, maybe they'll all stop bickering amongst themselves and truly stand together. And, now that Savannah has had a moment to herself sans the lock and key garbage, she's been able to feel sorry for tattling on Elena.

It's pretty clear Savannah is under a spell given she doesn't see she's essentially being held hostage. Her room is a pit. Just because she has a bed spread while Elena's mattress is bare doesn't make it homey. She has tiny moments of clarity after Aleister leaves her for a while. Once he lock and keys her again, she's all on board the crazy train.

What needs to happen is for her bond with Elena to become so strong that it supersedes the worm in her arm, or Elena needs to see it wriggling around in there and rip it out. If she can hear canine sounds when in human form, certainly she can hear the squishy sound it makes (OMG, I'm grossing myself out) sliding through Savanna's veins.

When Savannah is all under the spell, though, I love how snotty she acts and how brilliantly Tommie Amber-Pirie voices her when connected through another spell. Paige makes her sound rather sweet and annoying, as opposed to the I-want-to-slap-her annoying she's being from the lab. They're really fun scenes and enjoyable to watch. 

It's also been enjoyable watching the wolves get to know the witches, such as when Ruth asked Jeremy for a list of items ending with a broom and he was amused. She told him some superstitions are wrapped in truth. I like seeing the fun side to the men without it being at the expense of victims, not that they were every torturous, but you know what I mean.

Despite her best attempts to keep it to herself, Elena did change, giving up her blood when faced with the idea of someone hurting Rachel. Unfortunately, it was for nothing, as the blood elixir didn't even work.

I'm unsure what kind of kinky ass dude Aleister is, after all, he wants to kill his own kind, but what is us with his need to have sex inside a ring of burning candles in front of an audience? It didn't seem like Dr. Sandra (who I'm assuming is also Bauer) told him prior that she had plans to inject herself with Elena's blood, so it wasn't some sort of ceremony in preparation for that so kink is all I can come up with.

Very odd. 

Speaking of odd, what are they that Sandra will survive the injection? Will Elena's blood be special in the sense that she can turn another woman? Wasn't it already tried? Why on earth would Aleister be alright with his specially chosen doctor tossing his plans for the undoing aside for her own agenda? We shall see!!

If you've missed any of the fun, watch Bitten online, because it's getting so good!!

Dead Meat Review

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Bitten Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Doctor: Good morning. How did you sleep?
Elena: Like a baby. Shot full of drugs.

Paige: I know. I just feel so powerless.
Nick: Powerless? Are you kidding me? The first time we met, you made my eyes bleed.