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Elena is worried about her family being in his hands. She's not sure she trusts him anymore. So much so she won't even go to bed with Clay. WHAT?!

Natalia Navakev, Roman's daughter, is at the heart of the blood feud. One moment of humanity resulted in 30 years on the run. Jeremy will help, but only if Sasha promises to leave and cut off all ties to Elena forever. Sasha protests. It will break her heart. Jeremy says he and the Pack, her family, will fix it.

Jeremy brokers a peace talk between Sasha and Roman. Sasha won't speak Russian. Roman starts out with an insult. I have to disagree. Their talks don't start well.

Nick is back at Stonehaven. He checks in with Katia. She wonders what she would even be allowed to stay around there. Can't she just disappear right now? He assures her the safest place is here. 

The not-sheriff makes a call about seeing the Russian. 

Konstantin asks about Elena's life before being a werewolf. He talks about may thinks with her, his childhood, her childhood. She recalls making love to Clay. Thanks E!

Jeremy is trying to get Roman to agree to do as he says by buying into ruling Russia long after he's gone by way of counterfeit money. 

Katia doesn't want to run anymore. Alexei wants to take control, to stop being on the sidelines of his own life.

Not-sheriff learns the guy is a bad buy named Victor Larnoff. She's gonna get into trouble.

Konstantin is slowly coming to the realization Sasha is Elena's father. It wasn't the best idea for the two of them to be in a room together.

Roman asked Sasha to take care of his daughter, Natalia. When Sasha fell in love with her and showed him who she was, Roman killed her. She couldn't let her know their secret. Jeremy says he disagrees. Humans can never know their secret. That's the one thing that protects their kind. 

Oh, those poor wolves. That's why Elena is going to burn the place to the ground. She's going to be the most powerful wolf of all time.

Alexei shows up while Clay is watching for bad guys and begins to go through his first change. Ugh. 

Not-sheriff is getting too close. Roman is telling Jeremy to never help Sasha again and Jeremy agrees. Not-sheriff sees a bloody hand on the window and goes up the stairs, only to be called back down when Alexei crawls naked out the garage door screaming in change agony.

Jeremy and Roman are now fighting. She goes into the office without shooting Alexei who is fully turned. Roman guts her leg and she falls into Jeremy's leg. Jeremy calls Nick. Get Katia out and to safety. The Russians are coming.

Jeremy needs to find out what not-sheriff saw before he determines what to do with her.

Clay finds Alexei. He hunted. He killed. A human.

When Elena sees the blood on her face, she ties it in with her vision. It's beginning.



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Bitten Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Katia: You know, for people who want to keep their secret hidden, you aren't exactly subtle with your art.
Nick: I think it's understated, with a hint of whimsy.

You left me to fend for myself and nothing is resolved?