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Jefferson is arrested at the school for apparently selling Green Light to minors. This was all down to Kara and the ASA who wanted to find out who was Black Lightning. 

Anissa and Gambi devised a plan to use a hologram to have Black Lightning on the streets. 

This strikes a chord with Kara who tries to get him released, but things take a wild turn when Henderson finds out the truth and goes on a mission of his own. 

He takes down the two corrupt police officers with the aim of getting Jefferson released. This worked and Cayman was arrested when one of the corrupt officers ratted him out. 

Gambi returned to the Jefferson household and they all dined on pizza and put the past behind them. 

Black Lightning
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Black Lightning Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Homeless Man: Are you her sister?
Jill: No.
Homeless Man: You should take her home, she tried to jump in front of a train.

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