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Lynn is working hard to find a cure for the outbreak. She's dosing herself to make sure that the vaccine would work on a Meta, but it's proving too strong on her.

Jefferson and Jennifer end up at a checkpoint when a group of thugs begins shooting ASA agents. The criminals are taken down.

While under disguise and pretending to be dead, Gambi meets with Jefferson to try to disable the tracker. He encourages Jefferson to get back on the same page as Lynn since they've been fighting.

Jennifer questions Agent Odell about why he's quarantined the city. He offers to let her search online for history about Markovia.

The former street leader has commandeered an ASA truck.

Jamila sneaks into the high school to report that the ASA is testing the students to determine metahumans. If they pass the test, they get cards to move freely around town.

Jefferson confiscates a phone to see a photo of Blackbird throwing a truck at a helicopter.

The ASA has made Jefferson the new guidance counselor at Garfield. The principal is mad and speaks conspiratorially about him, especially since Jefferson got a raise.

While on a mission, Painkiller drains the life of a Markovian soldier.

Jefferson chastises Agent Odell for the occupation in Freeland. Agent Odell threatens to put Jennifer and Anissa in the put and subject them to tests.

The ASA takes over the police station and kicks Deputy Chief Henderson out of his office.

Agent Odell sends Jennifer a video link to a news report of Markovia. Jennifer cries over the video.

Lynn administers a serum to a Green Light patient to see if his virus slows down. She ingests a pill in secret.

Blackbird breaks up a meeting between criminals and her followers. The insurgency is using Blackbird's symbol to drive its own goals.

Jefferson visits Anissa's apartment; he is pissed that Anissa told Grace about being Blackbird and Thunder. Grace reacts to all the fighting and shapeshifts into someone else. Anissa kicks Jefferson out of the house.

Anissa comforts Grace and reassures her that Jefferson would never hurt them. Anissa admits that she knows about Grace's past.

Lynn experiences an altered daze while under the influence of the pill.

Painkiller gets information about who's been ordering the ASA trucks being stolen. The operation is being run by a drug lord in Freeland.

The class debates military operations around the world. Tayvon is taken by the ASA for suspicion of being a metahuman. Principal Lowry is hurt while trying to protect Tayvon.

Brandon, Lisa, and Jennifer debate the truth of Markovia and the ASA.

Richard, Lynn's patient at the clinic, heals himself after Lynn administers a new version of the vaccine.

Gambi disabled the tracking device on Jefferson's watch. He's impressed by the superhero suit created by the ASA.

Jefferson is proud of Anissa for helping metahumans escape Freeland. He asks for her help as Blackbird to break into the police station to free Tayvon. Blackbird takes down all of the ASA agents and Black Lightning helps when she needs assistance.

Painkiller takes down Sinzel's operation. He kills the criminal leader.

Blackbird leads Tayvon and the metahumans out of Freeland. However, the insurgency members return back to town to fight the good fight.

Agent Odell knows that Jefferson was involved with what happened at the police station. He doesn't want it to happen again.

Lynn confirms that the Green Light virus is being cured.

A flashback shows that Agent Odell has been brainwashing Lynn to take Green Light. She's hooked and wants to help cure other patients.

Jennifer tries a new version of her suit from Agent Odell. She flies into spaces and absorbs energy from the Sun.

Black Lightning
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Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Grace: Anissa, this would be a lot for anybody.
Anissa: Grace, I told you we’re in. Me, you, the leopard, that old guy … all of us. It’s one big party up in here. It is not your beautiful face or this fine-a** body that I’m in love with. Well, don’t get me wrong, if we’re taking votes, this one is by far my favorite. It’s not even about that. It’s you, Grace. Your heart, your soul, your essence. That is what I’m in love with. Just you.

Anissa: Okay look, me, Reverend Holt, and a handful of other people, we started up our Underground Railroad. We’ve been sneaking Metas and suspected Metas outside the perimeter.
Jefferson: But, how did you get them…?
Anissa: With assistance from Uncle Gambi.
Jefferson: All these years of calling you “Harriet Tubman” were prophetic.
Anissa: Okay, Dad, stop, please.
Jefferson: No, I’m proud of you.
Anissa: Thank you.