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During his medical interview, Painkiller reveals the number of martial arts styles he knows. He also discusses the intelligence and knowledge he's gained.

When Anissa sneaks into her apartment, Jennifer chastises her for not checking in. Anissa had spent the night with Jamila.

Deputy Chief Henderson visits the quarantine zone and finds Detective King in a locked room. She warns him of a virus that's been spreading and killing metahumans. She begs him to give dirty money that she's been hiding to her husband and family.

Detective King suffers a seizure and dies from the virus.

Agent Odell asks Lynn and Jefferson for help in finding the cause of the metahuman disease. He warns that the disease could kill all metahumans, including Anissa and Jennifer.

The ASA helicopters try to shoot and hunt down Blackbird. Jamila records video footage of Blackbird throwing a pipe at the helicopter.

Jennifer shows a new kid around the school.

Agent Odell reveals that the Markovians and Dr. Jace are outside the perimeters of the city. He gives Jefferson an ASA watch that reacts only to his electric bolts; his power creates a brand new suit for him. Agent Odell agrees that if Jefferson fights the Markovians, he will let him go to be with his family.

Agent Odell visits Tobias in his weakened state. Tobias teases him that Odell killed Issa for putting him in that predicament. Agent Odell takes over the responsibilities of interviewing Tobias.

Agent Odell tortures Tobias by placing him in direct sunlight.

Jennifer and the new student debate about pre-conceived judgments. Jennifer points out every terrible spot that ha[[ened to her in the school.

Agent Odell asks Painkiller to take out as many Markovians as possible. Painkiller knows how to stop someone's heart with one attack.

An old woman slaps Henderson and blames him for all the mess/ASA control happening in Freeland.

Agent Odell apologizes to Tobias for torturing him. Odell wants to make a deal for Tobias to work with him; Tobias won't accept a deal unless there's a lot of money involved and his freedom.

Lynn determines that Dr. Jace created the virus that's killing metahumans. She's traced it to Cyclotronic and his arrival at the clinic. Lynn snaps at Agent Odell when he demands she find the cure.

Deputy Chief Henderson drops off the money to King's husband.

Black Lightning charges into the Markovian hideout to free the ASA prisoners. Turns out the agents got captured on purpose so that they could apprehend Dr. Jace.

Anissa meets up with Grace on the street after she stole pills. Grace missed Anissa and wanted to reconnect. Grace shows her shapeshifting ability. Anissa wants to help Grace control her abilities.

Anissa and Jamila end things on good terms.

Lightning uses her ability to destroy the Markovian data fort.

Painkiller breaks into a house to fight and kill a bunch of soldiers.

Agent Odell honors his agreement and lets Jefferson and Lynn leave the quarantine clinic. The Pierces reunite, but they have a quiet night instead.

Tobias has a psychotic hallucination where Black Lightning torments him in prison. He wants to kill Black Lightning.

Black Lightning
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Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Tobias: If you want to do business with me, you have to come up with a number. With a whole lot of zeros and commas behind it. On top of that, I want my freedom, territory, and I host of other considerations I’ve yet to think of.
Agent Odell: If I were you, I’d reflect on my current condition before I started turning down offers.
Tobias: I’ll take that under advisement.

Jennifer: Uh huh, you ain’t gonna creep up in here like you haven’t been out all night!
Anissa: You’re awake?
Jennifer: Of course, I’m awake. You’re gallivanting all over Freeland having fun and not checking in. You don’t even have your phone on, Anissa. How was I supposed to make sure you’re okay?
[Anissa smiles]
Jennifer: Why are you smiling?
Anissa: No, it’s just…
Jennifer: Is this funny to you?!
Anissa: No, no, it’s just … you sound just like Dad.