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The chapter is called: "Knocking on Heaven's Door."

Anissa records a farewell message on her computer to her family.

Jefferson, Lynn, and Anissa attend the funeral for Tavon. Jefferson is angry that people are dying. Jamila conducts an abrupt interview with Jefferson about his recent ASA beating. Jefferson says that Tavon's death will not be in vain.

Lynn heard about Black Lightning's recent fight the previous night. She chastises him for being reckless and lashing out based on his emotions.

Anissa is still feeling guilty over Tavon's death.

Gambi takes another test of Anissa's arm; the toxin is breaking down her cells. The toxin is suppressing her meta-gene and is slowly killing her. Gambi thinks she has a week or two left before the toxin kills her; Anissa refuses to tell her parents right away.

Deputy Chief Henderson informs the insurgency that Truthteller has been hit by the ASA. He wants them to build a radio that can reach people outside of Freeland.

Lynn checks Tobias's vitals, but he teases her about Black Lightning's latest attack. He blackmails her into securing a list of all the metahumans and their powers in the quarantine.

Jefferson visits Anissa at her apartment; she pretends not to be in pain. Jefferson apologizes to Anissa for forcing her to bring Tavon back; he blames himself for Tavon's death. She claims it's her fault because she agreed to do it even though she knew the risks. Anissa collapses after kicking Jefferson out.

Grace chastises Anissa for not letting her into her secrets after finding her passed out on the ground. Anissa lies to Grace that she's doing alright, but that she's tired from her fight with Painkiller. She doesn't tell Grace about the sickness.

Jennifer breaks into Randy's home to find coal and plants.

Agent Odell threatens Jefferson after what Black Lightning did the night before. Black Lightning threatens to fight back against the ASA.

The teleporting assassin sneaks onto an ASA envoy and kills everyone inside.

Deputy Chief Henderson interrogates Jamila about her unsanctioned broadcasts.  He offers her a job to be the voice of the people.

Lynn prints a list of all the metahumans at the quarantine center. She purposely shreds the files of Wendy Hernandez and Erica.

Randy is looking for Dr. Jace; he wants to kill her because Dr. Jace killed Randy's mother. Randy's power is the ability to manipulate the earth.

Gambi deduces that Khalil is the inflictor of the poison.

Lynn gives Tobias the list of metahumans to memorize. Tobias teases that Agent Odell is more dangerous; that he did something terrible to Issa Williams.

Grace finds Anissa convulsing on the ground. Gambi rushes in a potential vaccine after the virus spread to her heart. The vaccine works; she is cured.

The lieutenant warns Agent Odell of the teleporter's arrival. They send in back-up to ambush the teleporter and the Markovian colonel at Club 100. Before the colonel finishes off Agent Odell, Black Lightning breaks up the fight.

Deputy Chief Henderson makes Jamila the new Truthteller of Freeland.

The Colonel pays the teleporter for his job. Dr. Jace deduces that Lynn is close to discovering the cure to the Pod Kids.

Gambi investigates Khalil's grave and finds nothing.

Lynn packs up her bags and moves out of the Pierce household.

Black Lightning
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Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

If you’re seeing this, it means I didn’t make it. And I’m okay with that. Really, I am. Because I know my sacrifice … it meant something.


Lynn: You look tired, Jeff. Long night?
Jefferson: Okay, so you heard?
Lynn: That Black Lightning nearly killed two ASAs commandos and then Zorro’d a lightning bolt onto the side of a building? Yeah Jeff, I heard. The whole downtown heard.