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The chapter is called "Henderson's Opus."

Grace, while shapeshifted as a young teenager, records a vlog about her fear of shifting. Anissa and Shonda help her relax enough to transition into the old man and herself again.

Grace warns Anissa that the ASA is going door-to-door rounding up metahumans. Anissa plans to keep Grace out of sight.

Jennifer looks at old pictures of Khalil.

Gambi reviews footage of Blackbird's attacker and makes the connection between him and Painkiller. Gambi asks Lynn to sneak in a tracer into The Pit.

Blackbird, Deputy Chief Henderson, and Reverend Holt confer about how to subside the ASA in time to do another delivery.

Jennifer meets with Major Grey; she reveals that Agent Odell survived the gunshot wound. Major Grey asks Jennifer to not use her powers or flying abilities again; she thinks the Markovians are wanting to get her. Jennifer agrees but on the condition that she gets files on Dr. Jace.

Black Lightning defused a bomb that Henderson and the Reverand planned to plant at the ASA gate. Henderson chastises Jefferson; he isn't sure which side Jefferson is on. The two get into an argument with Henderson leaving.

Reverend Holt is waiting to take action before he moves the next group of citizens.

A fellow doctor complements Lynn on her accomplishments after they train Erica, a kinetic metahuman. Major Grey agrees to let the doctors have access to the Green Light metahumans, but they can't get to the Pod Kids. Lynn scans the badge for Gambi.

Brandon is mad at Jennifer for ghosting him for days. A Markovian school drive is being run; the pair hide in a fitness room until the drill is lifted. She offered to help him find Dr. Jace, but he needs to agree to something first.

The Reverend hides metahumans in the bar as the ASA bursts into the church searching for them.

Anissa asks Jefferson to help escort the children out of Freeland. Jefferson is mad that Anissa got involved in the insurgency. Anissa begs him for help.

The ASA does a sweep of a neighbourhood searching for metahumans. A group of rebels open fire on the ASA agents; Black Lightning shocks them into submission.

Gambi obtains security camera access and finds Painkiller.

The ASA assassinates the rebels. Major Grey threatens to bomb and destroy all of Freeland.

Gambi and Lynn find Khalil in stasis. She digs into his brain with the memory chip; all of his memories are still intact, but he can't access it. He reveals his past missions, including killing his mother.

Lynn makes it her mission to save Khalil from the Painkiller warrior. She begs Gambi to never tell Jennifer about what they found.

When Brandon and Jennifer touch, her electricity radiates. He kicks her out when she doesn't talk about Dr. Jace.

Anissa gets Black Lightning to take Grace away into hiding. Reverend Holt is wary of Black Lightning, but he reluctantly agrees as the ASA approaches.

The ASA ambushes Black Lightning and the kids; the group runs back to the rally point, but Grace hides in an abandoned building. Grace transforms into a tiger and kills one of the ASA agents.

Grace deduces that Black Lightning is Jefferson.

Major Grey sends Jennifer the files on Dr. Jace.

Painkiller gets a new assignment to assassinate Black Lightning.

Black Lightning
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Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Why is my life always so messed up? Medicine isn’t working anymore. So, I’m shapeshifting left and right. I thought getting my feelings out in this video would help me stabilize, but I’m so scared.


Jennifer: Is he dead?
Major Grey: Far from it. He’s in the hospital and expected to make a full recovery.
Jennifer: Getting shot at his age, he needs to go ahead and retire. Start that rideshare business like I told him.