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Black Lightning and Gravedigger fight over an unconscious Lightning in the street.

Jamila is recording a livestream in the street. She reveals that the ASA is nowhere to be seen and the Markovians have swarmed the city. Jamila is shot and killed in the street.

Black Lightning reveals to Gravedigger that his grandfather is Gravedigger's brother. The Markovians have taken Lightning hostage while Black Lightning wasn't noticing. Gravedigger's new powers prove to be a tough match; Black Lightning retreats.

Gardner and Erika are informed by Gambi that they need to prep the metahumans and people away from the school/city.

Major Grey and Commander Williams inform Agent Odell about the impending destruction. Agent Odell orders them all to leave the city and clean up any traces.

T.C. uses his powers to search for Agent Odell around Freeland. Gambi is searching to find Jennifer's electric signal in town.

Gravedigger holds Lightning as a prisoner; he tells her about the metahuman state that he hopes to create. Lightning chastises him for his narrowed view of the world.

Painkiller kills an entire convoy of Markovian soldiers. He steals a super-powered gun.

Lady Eve agrees to a deal with the ASA and Major Grey; she reveals that she gave the briefcase to Gambi. Major Grey plans to move her to Gotham City. Lady Eve deduces that the ASA will betray her if the Markovians win, so she shots all of the ASA agents and warns Lala.

Tobias ambushes a Markovian agent and demands to locate someone's location.

Gambi has found a similar signature to the electric collar, but he's not sure if it's Jennifer. Brandon agrees to join Jefferson in the fight. T.C. collapses from an ASA tech measure.

Commander Williams kills Dr. Jace.

Deputy Chief Henderson instructs the police force to fight against the Markovians. Lala and his street team join in stopping the Markovians.

Black Lightning breaks into the Markovian facility and finds Lightning in the locked cell.

Lynn tries to stop Commander Williams from killing her, but he refuses and shoots her. She has injected herself with powers and knocks him out.

Gravedigger has killed an entire alleyway of people. His armed forces have figured out where the metahumans are hiding.

As Painkiller aims a sniper at Lightning, Khalil challenges his mind to get back control. They fight with swords and fists; Khalil gets back control of his body.

Henderson sees Gravedigger appear in front of the resistance fighters, Erik, and Gardner. Before Erika charges him, Gravedigger uses his ability to force them all to sleep.

Grace and Thunder help the metahumans escape The Pit. Gravedigger uses his ability to force Grace to fight Anissa to the death.

Henderson shoots a bunch of soldiers before they're able to attack Black Lightning and Lightning. Henderson gets shot by one of the superpowered weapons; it burns a hole through his chest. Henderson dies from his wounds.

Grace's powers manifest as she fights Thunder. Thunder uses her powers to knock Grace out. Gambi recommends that Thunder leave Grace behind so that they can complete the mission.

T.C. wakes up from his attack. He is determined to find Agent Odell in the system.

Lynn consoles Jefferson over Henderson's death. Lynn has developed the formula they need to stop Gravedigger.

Brandon and Lightning combine their powers to break through Gravedigger's force field. Gravedigger uses laser beams to attack them; both are knocked to the ground.

Agent Odell activates the self-destruct function of The Pit. He sets the timer for 10 minutes.

While Gravedigger has Black Lightning pinned, Lynn shoots him with a special bullet that takes away his extra powers. Black Lightning subdues Gravedigger.

Gambi and T.C. warn everyone to escape The Pit. Lynn and Black Lightning escape the facility; they leave Gravedigger behind to burn.

Agent Odell enters a car to find Khalil waiting in the backseat. Black Lightning arrives in time to plead with Khalil to not kill Odell; however, he shoots Odell through the spleen.

The ASA and Major Grey burst into the tailor searching for the briefcase. Gambi kills a few of them before running into the lab. He and T.C. kill all of the remaining ASA troops in the lab, including Major Grey.

Anissa carried Grace out of the lab. Lynn reveals that Grace ended up in a coma after the fight. She doesn't know when Grace will wake up.

Tobias is in Markovia watching a TV report; he has killed the Markovian general.

Lynn is in Gotham City and she's still taking Green Light. The Commission accepts Lynn's recommendation to create a boarding school for metahuman.

Black Lightning conducts a testimony about what happened in Freeland. Black Lightning hands over the ASA's briefcase. The Commission reveals that Agent Odell will be tried and charged to the fullest extent and the ASA will be disbanded.

Gravedigger survived the explosion and attended the meeting in a disguise.

Black Lightning
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Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 16 Quotes

Major Grey: Mr. Gambi, we know you’re in here. We know you have the briefcase.
Gambi: I can’t help but you have your most trusted commandos with you.
Major Grey: Showing off that you’re in our personnel files, tailor? Brag much!
Gambi: Thank you for bringing me the last ASA agents who know the Pierce family secrets.
Major Grey: You’re welcome! They all know you very well. You’re not getting out of here.
Gambi: I’ve seen worse.
[Gambi unleashes bullets from a machine gun]

Anissa: Look, so what’s your assessment?
Lynn: She’s in a coma. I’m sorry, Hunny, but you know how this goes. It could be 10 minutes or it could be 10 years. And there’s no data on how the shapeshifting might affect it.
Anissa: Come on, come on, come on! There’s gotta be something you can do?
Lynn: She needs to be someplace where she can have constant care. And we can pray.