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The title of the chapter is "Freedom Ain't Free."

A flashback shows Gravedigger fighting a bunch of soldiers. In the present, Gravedigger records a video where he reveals how the US government unlocked his metahuman abilities. His job in the army was building graves for his fallen soldiers and enemies on the battlefield.

Lynn and Dr. Jace calculate a formula to determine that Gravedigger has the ability to inject himself with plenty of powers without any limits.

Gambi's research uncovers that Gravedigger's mission is to recruit new metahumans and bring Lynn/Dr. Jace back to Markovia to create new formulas.

The Markovians hold Khalil at gunpoint, but he starts fighting them. They overwhelm him and cause Painkiller to be freed from his internal cell. Painkiller fights and kills all of the soldiers. Khalil refuses to work with Painkiller again.

Jefferson and Gambi instruct a plan for The Outsiders to fight against the Markovians. Brandon gets mad that they haven't killed Dr. Jace yet. He doesn't care if metahumans join the Markovians. He leaves the group angrily.

Gravedigger showcases his new powers to the metahuman soldiers. He wants to emerge on top and lead the metahumans to freedom.

Gambi has hesitation about their fight; he's worried Gravedigger is too powerful. Jennifer is mad that she's kept to the back of the army groupings.

Black Lightning and Thunder try to recruit Lala and his forces to join their fight, but he refuses.

Brandon visits Dr. Jace in the lab. He wants the truth about his parents.

Lady Eve wants to get back in with the ASA and her seat on the Shadow Board. Agent Odell rejects it, but she has a lofty counter-offer: she can give him the location of the briefcase. He's intrigued and willing to discuss it.

Lynn has found a match through one of her tests.

Grace's powers have grown exponentially; she can lift the table by herself.

Lynn's test reveals that Jefferson, Anissa, and Jennifer are related to Gravedigger.

Anissa and Grace are enjoying their time together; Grace is worried about the future. Anissa wants to be with Grace forever; she asks Grace to marry her.

T.C. gets his first kiss from Erika after he reveals that he never kissed anyone. Jennifer interrupts their moment and asks T.C. to help her find Gravedigger.

Khalil argues with Painkiller about his successes and rage. Khalil fights with Painkiller, but he gets knocked into the cell.

Anissa comforts Jefferson and invites him over to Anissa's place for dinner. Lynn asks Jefferson to protect their family if it comes down to it, which means killing Gravedigger.

Anissa and Grace reveal that their dinner is a surprise wedding. They're getting married that night. Jefferson and Lynn look shocked!

Lala holds one of Lady Eve's girls at gunpoint. Lala demands that Lady Eve tell him who was the last person to see Tobias in Freeland.

Anissa clears Lynn's concerns about rushing into marriage.

Brandon holds Dr. Jace hostage as he plays video games.

Gravedigger watches a video that lists all the team members and abilities of The Outsiders.

T.C. informs Jennifer that he's found Gravedigger outside of Freeland. Jennifer goes to visit him.

Before they're able to conduct the wedding ceremony, their alarms reveal that Gravedigger has reached the perimeter.

Lala has Dr. Blair in his clutches. Devonte is torturing Dr. Blair to get information for Lala.

Lightning delivers a powerful blast to the ground that knocks out the Markovians, but Gravedigger survives. Gravedigger resists against one of Lightning's attacks.

Lightning gets knocked out and falls from the sky; Black Lightning saves her in time. Her heart stops working. Black Lightning shocks her back to life.

Black Lightning and Gravedigger charge at each other to bring a fight.

Black Lightning
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Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 15 Quotes

Painkiller: Any time you’ve got something difficult coming. Any time you’ve really had to dig deep. Any time it was life or death. That was me that got you through it.
Khalil: That’s not true. I did that on my own.

T.C.: Yeah, I’ve never even kissed a girl.
Erika: Really?
T.C.: What?
Erika: Did you just use the fact that we might die tomorrow to scam a kiss?
T.C.: Yes, I did. But, it’s true. I never kissed a girl. You can’t be mad with that. It was worth a shot.
[Erika lightly kisses T.C.]
T.C.: Ok.
Erika: Now you can die happy.
T.C.: Does that mean you like me?
Erika: That means I took pity on you.
T.C.: Does that count though? I wasn’t ready…
Erika: You’re not getting another kiss.