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Weller is trying to make sense of Ally's sign-language message "The mission's a go." Rich has found another tattoo design in newspaper ads. Weitz tells Afreen everything that Madeline is holding over him. The team is trying to figure to where the ZIP is being moved in America. Patterson tracks the tattoo messages to Malta. Zapata goes to see if Keaton is there. Rich finds a plane that's heading to the U.S. and evading customs and Jane and Weller jump onboard. Afreen and Weitz determine who Madeline is blackmailing and she proposes corrupting the files. An Interpol agent sends a photo of Zapata to Madeline. Zapata finds Keaton in Malta. He tells her how he, Ally, and Boston formed a group. Boston is missing. Patterson hands out virtual pets to everyone. Keaton betrays Tasha because Madeline is holding his family. Patterson figures out that Madeline and Ivy are tracking the bunker through the last tattoo. Keaton shoots one of Madeline's bodyguards but then is killed. Patterson and Rich pack up. Afreen corrupts the files. Rich gives Patterson a pep talk. Ivy captures Jane and Weller. Madeline wants to know who else is helping the fugitives. Patterson goes back to blow up the bunker manually. Patterson praises RIch. Zapata breaks loose and attempts to strangle Madeline. Rich sets off a bomb in the kitchen. Rich gets captured and Patterson runs. Patterson is trapped in the server room when the thermite bombs goes off. Afreen accuses Weitz of running away. The captive fugitives are returned to FBI headquarters. Madeline tells those in the computer lab that Patterson is dead. Everyone turns off their terminals in tribute. Madeline holds a press conference to announce the arrests. 

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Blindspot Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

You need my help, I need to know everything.

Afreen [to Weitz]

Rich is in a nautical phase right now. Just be glad he didn't call us seamen.