Blindspot Season 5 Episode 8 Review: Ghost Train

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That can't be it for Patterson, can it?

The brains of the fugitive FBI agents appeared to have been killed on Blindspot Season 5 Episode 8.

But seriously, if TPTB were going to kill off one more agent, wouldn't it have been RIch Dotcom?

The Team Scrambles - Blindspot

And besides, Keaton got gunned down this episode after betraying Zapata under duress, so that's a high enough body count, right?

So let's save the eulogy for Patterson for now and see if she arises from the thermite ashes.

Looking Around - Blindspot Season 5 Episode 8

After all, Archie Bunker has all kinds of hidey-holes. Who's to say there wasn't one in the server room as well?

It was a bit disappointing to discover that the group sending secret tattoo messages to the Blindspot renegades was only a trio.

That can't be it, can it?

Even if that is all, Boston is still hiding off the grid somewhere and he's as talented as Rich and Patterson, so there's hope.

The wheels came off in a hurry, didn't they?

Thinking Cap - Blindspot Season 5 Episode 8

The fact that five people had eluded the U.S. intelligence apparatus for all these months was more than a little unrealistic.

It was a sheer numbers game. With Madeline blackmailing so many people, someone was going to turn on them.

And it couldn't have been that hard to determine who was helping the fugitives. Just check who they were close to that would have the ability to pull off communicating through the tattoo images.

Jane's people are all dead (except her daughter Avery, who hasn't turned up this season yet). 

Patterson's dad was safely hiding in Europe. Come to think of it, Bill Nye the Science Guy would be helpful to pull their fat out of the fire. But that kind of stunt casting twice in a season seems unlikely.

On the Hunt - Blindspot Season 5 Episode 8

So there's Ally for Kurt, Keaton for Zapata, and Boston for Rich.

If a devoted viewer can piece that together, it's only logical that Madeline and Ivy could.

That's why there have to be others involved in this conspiracy to help Weller and company.

Maybe this is all some ruse to get them back inside FBI Headquarters, although how being detained there is beneficial seems hard to understand.

At least they're back in the same country as the ZIP they were hoping to stop without having to sneak in.

Under the Gun - Blindspot Season 5 Episode 8

And whatever intel they need to bring down Madeline is likely hidden there as well, since Madeline has set up shop there.

It sure appeared that they all got fooled, however.

Rich conveniently found the tattoo ad in those three far-flung newspapers.

Patterson solved enough of the clue to send off Zapata to her reunion with Keaton in Malta. Rich luckily found an off-the-books flight heading to the U.S. for Kurt and Jane.

Then Patterson realized they'd been hacked practically when Ivy's troops were knocking on the door.

Just Out of Reach - Blindspot Season 5 Episode 8

It's easy enough to chalk up these mistakes to the quintet being exhausted after months of being hunted.

And Madeline and Ivy are also very intelligent in a devious kind of way.

But the way things went down just seemed off. 

Would Zapata just go up to Keaton's door, knock, and say "Surprise"? No, a little recon, and a better eye for cameras, seems more Tasha's style.

Rich getting surprised and captured was very believable.

Closing In - Blindspot Season 5 Episode 8

But why would Patterson run back into the server room that was about to blow up to hide? She's too level-headed to do that. She wanted Madeline's mercs to see her "die."

And Kurt and Jane are more blaze-of-glory kind of people. They wouldn't surrender that meekly without some higher purpose.

There's three episodes left to determine what that is, with two episodes next week alone before the finale.

It's a shame that Keaton had to be killed off. But he appeared to be hating forced exile anyway.

And out of that, we got to listen to Madeline's character assassination of Zapata, up until the point Tasha broke loose and almost put Madeline out of our misery.

Seeking the Mole - Blindspot Season 5 Episode 8

When Madeline does get her just desserts, let's hope Zapata is there to gloat.

Enjoying the Patterson-Rich partnership, listening to them buck up each other, was another high point of the episode. This better not be the last time they team up.

The virtual pets that Patterson handed out to everyone have to mean something. Where does one find some dated technology in Prague?

It seems likely that the prisoners carried those into headquarters, so what is their true purpose? 

Patterson's heir Afreen was busy this episode as well.

Trying to Help - Blindspot Season 5 Episode 8

First, she managed to unearth Madeline's blackmail files, which really should have been hidden better than that.

Then she corrupted not only the originals but the backups in the cloud as well, removing Madeline's leverage over a lot of people.

Maybe someone freed from that bondage will end up helping the team?

One of those she freed was Weitz and, being the weasel he is, he made to disappear.

Before it could be shown if Afreen had shamed him into staying, Madeline paraded the prisoners through the office.

Could Weitz still manage to redeem himself? Anything's possible still, I suppose.

To follow the fugitives' journey, watch Blindspot online.

Is there a bigger plan in play?

Is Patterson still alive?

Who will emerge to help them?

Comment below.

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