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Eddie is hoping that she will get to get off a few minutes early so that she can see Jamie, but her sergeant says there was a murder and nobody is getting off.

Danny is at the morgue and learns his victim died of natural causes. He also learns about a couple that is always sitting around asking about Jane Does but when he approaches them they say they don't speak English and run away.

Frank is trying to set up a memorial to honor someone but her son says she was a fraud who stabbed New Yorkers in the back all the time and leaves.

Jamie takes a rookie with him on his tour. They catch a guy trying to break into a car. All of a sudden the guy pulls out a gun and starts shooting. Jamie's rookie gets hit. Jamie calls in a code 1013 (officer down)

Eddie sees some weirdo smilig at her and Witten while they tell people the pool is closed. They wonder if he is the killer. THe sergeant is annoyed that Eddie wants to tell the detective herself and as a result the guy disappears while they are discussing it.

The rookie is fine. He wasn't actually shot. He's freaked out and doesn't want to continue with the job.

Danny investigates the couple and finds out the husband was an officer.

Frank oesn't want to believe anything was wrong with his friend. Gormley says she made a lot of enemies. Frank thinks she inherited enemies from her husband. Gormley says she had a lot of complaints that were settled off the record. She was always the defendant. She also cut her son out of the will. However, she never welched on charitable pledge.

Frank asks Abigail what she thought of Mary Jane's children. She thinks the daughters were mean girls and the son was angry but that doesn't mean he was lying.

Jamie is angry because the shooter was in a diversion program so he blames Erin. Erin says Jamie usually supports diversion programs. Jamie is upset because the guy was not a first time offender and now his rookie wants to quit. Erin has an idea.

Danny and Maria interview the Chinese officer. He says his parents disowned him for becoming a cop, as did his sister. He wasn't even invited to Jill's wedding. Neither his parents nor Jill take his calls.

Frank meets with Matt. Matt says he doesn't want to do this but his conscience is forcing him to. He says that the charity his mother bankrolled is a fraud because his mother wasn't a wonderful person. He doesn't appreciate Frank defending his mother. Matt accuses Frank of being under his mother's spell. 

Matt says he is a special needs teacher and a tiny fraction of her estate would have made a big difference. Frank says the will was unchanged from when Matt's father wrote it. He was never in the will in the first place. 

Matt is still angry. Frank asks if he loved his mom.Matt says that is a complicated question and leaves.

Jamie and the Rookie meet with Erin, Anthony, and an ex-gang member named Leo. They want to set up a sting and Leo doesn't want to do it, especially if he can't get a gun. Leo is offended that Anthony wants to use him as bait and storms out.

There is someone waiting to see Eddie and Witten. It is the weirdo from before. He asks Rachel if she wants a date. He says he has Williams Syndrome. He says he saw the killer. 

The sergeant comes along and is mad that no one informed her.

The ME gets Chen and his wife to come. They try again to pretend not to speak English but Danny doesn't let them get away with it. They say they killed their daughter.

Chen and his wife arranged a marriage for their daughte.r THe wife says Jill was fine with it. Father says no she wasn't. Mother says the husband was abusive and hit Jill and her. Danny asks how Jill died. Chen says he came home from work one day and found blood everywhere and they were gone. They want to find Jill's body so they can bury her properly. They blame themselves for her death by forcing her into this marriage. 

After the interview Andy Chen rages at his parents but Danny puts a stop to that. The Chens say they still love their son.

At Sunday dinner Nicky announces she has a job interview in San Franscisco. The job is to vet candidates for SRIs. Everyone thinks this is exactly what she is interested in. She can't tell them who she will be working for. Frank dampens everyone's excitement by asking what Nicky will do if she gets the job. Henry is upset about her moving. Danny tells her not to stay away too long and keep her family's love close. Frank gives her a fork for when she comes to a fork in the road. 

Danny won't let Andy help with the investigation. Andy asks what if it was Erin? What if her body was missing somewhere? Andy's partner says half the people will not speak English or will pretend not to. Danny says fine, but we're in charge.

Erin goes to see Leo and apologize. She says Anthony is moping. Leo says he's afraid that if he is exposed to his old life he might go back to it and he doesn't want to disappoint Anthony. Erin is sure that Anthony doesn't want to disappoint Leo either.

Frank has Mary Jane's daughters meet him at the foundation two days before the official opening. He has food available and wonders when the girls and Matt had a family dinner. But Abigail comes in. Matt is not coming. Frank tells them that all they have for family now is each other

Danny and Maria talk to a travel agent who has not heard from the husband since she sold him a ticket. Andy's partner has a lead but Andy drove off by himself as soon as he heard about it.

Danny shows up and Andy is about to kill the suspect, who he has beaten up. The suspect says in Chinese that real men don't become cops Danny gets that situation under control and Maria finds two passports and Jill bound and gagged in the closet. They free her and she runs to Andy. Maria says that this one was all Danny.

The detective on the case thanks Eddie and Witten  for their help. They let Eli hug them and ocnvince him to go hug the Sergeant. He hugs her then says bye. Eddie and Witten pretend not to know anything about it.

Jamie and Anthony stake out the situation while Leo talks to Manny. Leo buys a gun from Manny but Manny points the gun at him. Anthony and Jamie come out and a chase ensues. The rookie gets Manny and is excited to have tackled him.

Frank is disappointed that Matt didn't come to the opening. Frank makes a speech about Mary Jane. All of a sudden Matt shows up and wants to speak. Matt talks about how he loved many things about his mother, especially that she tried to help the less fortunate.. 

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Blue Bloods Season 10 Episode 3 Quotes

Danny: It doesn't strike you as strange, they come in looking for Jane Does every few days?
ME: It's the morgue. Strange is what we do.

Eddie: What time is it?
Witten: 7:59.
Eddie: So in one minute we're off duty and they still make us do this tour?