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Jamie is sitting with an old man, Ortega, who was a Special Agent in the FBI and refuses medical attention while someone else is being put into a body bag. Frank shows up and says he's known the man for a long time.

Jamie says the wife shot herself in the head. Frank says she was sick for a long time.

A uniform wants Jamie to take a look at something before they bag it. Jamie goes.

Danny sees a detective he used to work with at the squad room, Mike. Mike is un-retiring and doesn't believe Danny will ever retire.

Anthony is also un-retired and working at the DA's office for an extra paycheck. Erin is tired of nothing cases and wants him to bring her a case that matters.

Danny and Baez get a case involving a girl who was assaulted and raped. They look at the hotel room she was in and it's full of blood.

Danny and Baez go to talk to their suspect. His wife wants to know what's going on. They don't want to tell her.

Gormley says they found a bloody shirt in the back of the house. Frank defends his friend. Gormley and Garrett says they need to investigate.Frank says to have Ortega invited to his office.

Anthony finds six cases that are supposedly unwinnable. He says it's a pattern robbery case. Erin is finally interested. The merchants refuse to testify. They are all undocumented immigrants.

Erin wants to win this case. A Chinese guy won't talk to Anthony. He won't cooperate at all. Anthony promises nothing bad will happen. The guy says no. Anthony says this talk is happening and doesn't want to do it the hard way and threatens to ruin his rating with the Board of Health.

Foreman wants a lawyer. Danny discourages it. Foreman says something happened to him but he doesn't remember anything. He says he is getting divorced. He is not sure if he slept at the hotel or not. He thinks he talked to a girl. They give him the evidence of the girl's assault.

Natalie is nervous about doing a lineup and quickly IDs Mark before running away. He is arrested.

The immigrants are not happy about being in the DA's office`and say Anthony twisted their arms. They are reluctant to help. Erin says they will be saving money if they cooperate because the robbers will be caught. Nobody wants to testify. They are worried about deportation and all leave, but Anthony tells Erin he has an idea.

Danny thanks Mike for his help. Mike thinks Mark is incapable of taking a girl like Natalie up to his room.

Frank interviews Ortega. Ortega says the shirt is his.  He admits his wife was terminally ill and he knew she was going to kill herself. She made him leave the room.

Frank asks if Ortega confessed to his priest. Ortega says he did. Frank says he's sorry to take up his time and tells him to go to his children and prepare for the funeral.

Mark tells Danny he's scared for his life and not a violent person. He says he's sorry, whatever he did, he's sorry.  He does't remember anything past going to the bar. He suddenly lawyers up when Danny asks him how he got the girl upstairs.

Baez asks Danny what was going on with him interviewing Mark without her. Danny eventually tells her that Mike put something in his head. He tells her that Natalie started the conversation. Baez says she looked at Natlaie's Instagram. Mark Foreman isn't her type.

Erin wants to arrest Ortega. She wants Jamie to talk to him. He says that's her call, not his. Erin says it's more complicated because of Frank.

Anthony works undercover in one of the stores. A robber comes in. Anthony struggles to get rid of a customer. He alerts two uniforms. The guy pulls a gun and tries to rob him. Eventually Anthony disarms him and then the uniforms get him.

Jamie talks to Frank. He has two uniforms nearby but he needs Frank's word to bring Ortega in. Frank says you don't need that. Jamie wants his blessing. Frank says Ortega and his wife are like Jamie and Eddie. Jamie says the law is the law, no one is above it. He has to bring him in because of the evidence. He can't let Ortega walk. Frank talks about Jamie and Eddie again.

The family says Grace at Sunday dinner. Henry asks about Mike G. Edie doesn't get why cops would want to return to the force after retirement.  Frank says the only victory is making things a little better for people. 

Baez and Danny go to a yoga place or something looking for Natalie but leave because they see Mrs. Foreman.

They talk to her and she's upset because she isn't in the loop on Mark's case. She can't believe he put her family in this predicament.  She denies playing dirty with the divorce.  They accuse her of hiring her flywheel instructor to seduce and drug her husband then accuse him of rape.  They have a video of Natalie saying Mrs. Foreman paid her 30k to frame Mark.  Mrs. Foreman is arrested.

Anthony tells Erin he's proud of her for solving the cases. Erin complains about him gloating. Anthony toasts to himself.

Danny says he talked to Mike's wife and he knows baout his son's illness. Mike says his son will pull through. He is doing what he needs to do. Danny realizes that's why Mike returned to work.

Frank comes to see Jamie at his apartment. Jamie offers him coffee. Frank says he is idling at the curb. He just came from Mrs. Ortega's funeral. Frank says that Ortega would have had to confess to a priest for Mrs. Ortega to have a funeral. He thinks Ortega deserved to bury his wife. He wants Jamie to summon him to appear in the morning on a class E felony..

Frank says given the right circumstances, anyone's capable of anything. He prays Jamie will never know.

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 10 Episode 4 Quotes

Mike G: I'm retired from retiring. I can do another 20 years and be a lifer like you.
Danny: Not for nothing, but I could see myself putting my papers sometime soon.

I was an FBI special agent. I know how this should go.