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Danny and Baez go to the scene of a murder at some sort of store. An employee says that someone named Anjelica usually opened the store but never came in.

Eddie tells Jamie about a string of robberies they are working. THey need someone to work as a decoy.

ANthony has what he thinks is an open and shut case, but the cop on the case is on a "Naughty list" and can't testify. When Frank hears about this he is livid.

Angelica's mother has not seen Angelica. According to Baez, Angelica and the father (the victim) disagreed about how to run the restaurant. Angelica had a handgun same caliber as the murder weapon.

Erin comes to see Frank, who is not happy with her or the blacklist. He wants to know the protocol for deciding the officer is compromised. There is no appeal process, either.  Erin says the DA's office has hunches too and they have a hunch this cop is going to lose them the case. She is defending the DA because he is her partner.  

Danny has security footage. A suspect is identified as a member of a mob.

Eddie and her partner arrive at the scene of another cab robbery. The driver has been shot in the back of the head. None of the people standing around admit to seeing anything.

Danny and Baez go to see Vincent, a mob boss. He says he's retired but he has two phones that are ringing at the same time. Since the guy won't cooperate, Danny answers one of his phones and finds out someone is placing a bet. He says they won't arrest him if he tells them what they want to know. He admits to the mob ordering the killing. He says Angelica disappeared because she may have been a witness.

Erin and Anthony talk to the cop who was blacklisted. She says she was falsely accused of not Mirandizing a client and the judge bought it. Erin says they can't take a chance on the new testimony being thrown out because of this history. The cop says if Kent hurts someone else it's on them.

Garrett thinks the cops can't boycott the DA's office. Gormley, Frnak, and Abigail all think the DA's office should be the one to investigate cases until they get rid of the blacklist. Frank won't budge on this no matter how much Garett argues.

Paul is brought in and is uncooperative. They show him the security footage. He says he just went in for a drink. They tell him the victim's daughter is an eyewitness. They will reduce the charges o manslaughter if Angelica is brought in unharmed.

Jamie comes home wih food but Eddie has made dinner. Eddie is leaving. She asks if he talked to McNichols. Jamie is sorry to tell her she didn't get to be the decoy -- he was chosen. Eddie is annoyed he didn't tell the Sergeant to choose Eddie instead. She also thinks he's being overprotective. 

The DA will not budge on rejecting this cop as a witness. She says this office is sticking to its guns. She says you have to stand for something. She wants Kent to go to trial but no plan yet. 

Garett and Frank argue. Garett thinks Frank is letting bad guys go by being stubborn.

At Sunday dinner, Sean is the topic of conversation because he got suspended from the team for hitting a guy with a ball on purpose. Erin takes his side and says you have to protect your teammates. Eddie says what if you hit the kid in the head? Danny says Erin is not a good role model. 

Jamie says his decoy mission will be routine. Eddie doesn't like this idea. Jamie asks if she's still upset it's not her. Eddie says no. Jamie says the job involves taking orders. Eddie says all she's saying is don't play the hero.

Vincent won't tell Danny and Baez anything. Danny says VIncent has a granddaughter the same age as Angelica. Vincent says when a hit goes bad the one who messed up has to make it right. Paulie has to kill Angelica because she witnessed a murder that wasn't supposed to happen. Vincent says Paulie knows the neighborhood very well and Danny will not catch up with him on time.

Paulie breaks into the employee's home with a gun. She and Anelica are staying there. He plans to kill bth of them. Danny comes out and arrests him. He threatens the girls as he is arrested.

Angelica is scared to talk. Danny says they will keep her safe. She says she can't. Danny has Vincent brought in. Danny says they kept Vincent safe when he testified. Angelica asks Vincent what he would do. He says he knew her dad and he was proud of her and would want her to do the right thing. He tells her to forget what she saw and walk away. 

Anthony confronts Kent. He says he needs to repeat the confession or no deal. Kent refuses but changes his mind when Anthony starts to leave.. Erin comes in. 

Jamie is on the decoy mission. The suspect is nearby. Eddie is listening from down the road. The suspect gets in the car and doesn't give Jamie an address, telling him just to drive. Eddie watches on the GPS. The guy suddenly grabs Jamie at gunpoint and says keep driving. GPS goes offline. Jamie throws the guy off him and starts seepding and swerving while also fighting the suspect for the gun. They stop in an alley and keep fighting. Eddie shoots the guy. Jamie says he's okay, but what is she doing here? She used find a phone. Jamie hugs her.

Vincent tells Danny that being in Witness Protection made him suicidal and that if Angelica keeps her mouth shut she'll be left alone. He says Danny is a typical cop, only caring about the collar. Another mob guy comes up. Vincent says he made an arrangement for him. Danny says  if Angelica talks without repurcussions he will not arrest the guy for his part in it. Vincent says he's heading to the track and convinces Danny to make a bet.

Eddie and Jamie watch a cooking show together. Jamie says she saved his life for the second time. Eddie says they have to accept the risks of the job but their are worse things in the world than having a guardian angel. They kiss.

Erin poors herself a drink. She goes to see Frank and tells him Brian Kent is going to trial. Frank is cold towards her. Erin says it shouldn't have come to this. Frank says it won't be the last time if the blacklist stays in place. He says the boycott will go on unless... he hands her something. He says it is the PC's naughty list of ADA's. The DA himself is on it. Erin asks if she is on the list. Frank asks what if she was? He eventually admits she isn't. Erin will tell her boss about the list. She asks if he will destroy his list if she'll destroy hers. Frank says yes. Erin says this time is different. She didn't like the list either, but it isn't her job to correct the DA or undermine him. She had to stand with him. 

Frank doesn't like it, but he understands.



Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 10 Episode 2 Quotes

Frank: Someone please tell me how this predator is going to go free.
Garett: They have a naughty list. The DA has a list of officers which might be a credibility risk.
Frank: I thought it was my job to evaluate the fitness of my officers.

Eddie: I told Sergeant McNichols we should set up a decoy operation with me as the driver.
Jamie: Any of the victims women?
Eddie: I don't know. Why?
Jamie: Generally we want the decoy to resemble the victims.