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Jack tells Erin he has been working with the Innocence Project and he thinks a kid who went into the system at the age of 20 is innocent. Erin is the one who sent him away.

Some cops are trying to give a black kid a summons for weed. Some other kids throw water on them and they leave.

Frank is angry. The cops should have arrested the water thrower. Gormley argues that it's open season on cops.

Jamie is surprised to hear from Eddie the water thrower wasn't arrested.

Danny and Baez are working the case of an elderly woman who was assaulted. She is on the gurney. She says a man held the door open for her and then hit her. She is worried about her husband waiting for her.

Jamie confronts the water thrower. The guy says it's just water, so Jamie throws water on the guy, then arrests him.

Frank has a press conference but doesn't take questions. He makes a statement about what happened. His staff takes questions but Garett shuts it down when someone asks whether this is just the result of frustration on the part of minorities who have issues with the cops.

Baez finds out about someone who was arrested for a similar assault but the charges were dropped. Danny says the perp will not be free for long.

We see the perp attack another old man. Danny and Baez go looking. They see the perp coming out of the building, just as a woman screams for help. The victim is disoriented and can't tell them anything.

Matt says he doesn't have time. Danny grabs him and finds the old woman's credit card in his pocket.

Anthony asks why they are looking at a five year old case. Everyone in jail says they're innocent. He's upset to hear Jack was involved with this.

Baez and Danny question Matt, who claims he found the credit card. Baez goes to take a call from the hospital. Danny confronts Matt, who claims he doesn't target anyone. Baez tells Danny it's now murder -- the old woman died.

The news has footage of Jamie throwing water on the water-thrower. Jamie and Gormley are here. Gormley is here to represent Jamie. Frnak asks Abagail to sit in.

Jamie says throwing water was a less lethal way of subduing the suspect. Frank and Abigail say that Jamie has brought undue criticism to the department. Jamie says the cops walked away because they were afraid of the backlash. He sent a message that it's not okay to assault cops. Frank says Jamie has brought command discipline on himself. He won't listen when Jamie tries to explain what happened.

Danny finds out from Erin that the charges were reduced. Erin says she has no evidence that Matthew did it. SHe can only charge him with criminal possession of stolen property. Plus the surviving victim has dementia.

Danny goes to see Henry and complains about Erin. Henry thinks maybe Erin is setting up roadblocks for a reason. Danny says Henry would feel the same way he does if he saw it. Henry says this is his greatest fear -- dementia, not getting beaten up.

Anthony gets into it with Jack. Why does Jack always show up when he's the one who screwed up with Erin? Anthony stomps out and Erin and Jack talk about the case. Jack says the detective who worked the case is dead. Erin doesn't have enough for reasonable doubt. Jack suggests she talk to Darnell.

Frank finds his staff standing outside his door when he comes in. Gormley says all the water-throwing perps have been arrested and they all took a plea. Garrett has a press release. Everyone but Gormley leaves. Gormley asks if Frank looked at the video. Jamie is a boss, not just a rank and file cop. Gormley says he would do the same thing except he knows how Frank would react. Frank thinks Jamie sent the wrong message. Frank says they can't do what perps do. Gormley asks would tasing be better? Frank says coming up with worst scenarios doesn't excuse this. Gormley thinks Frank should have Jamie's back.

Erin talks to Darnell. She asks why his fingerprints etc were there. She questions Darnell but he says all she needs to know is that he's been in jail for 1,667 days because of her.

At Sunday dinner, Danny is glad not to be the hothead, though he agrees with Jamie and so does Henry. Sean has an opinion that police harassment is a growing problem. Erin agrees with Frank that cops should be held to a higher standard. Danny says how come cops get crucified if they make a mistake but DAs don't when they lock people up for no reason.  Danny starts ranting that people think certain groups are broken and can be violated.

Erin runs into Anthony in the park while jogging. He gives her a wheatgrass drink and news that the DNA came back and belongs to a Malcolm Scott, not Darnell.

Danny and Baez come in and stare at Matt. He asks if he needs a lawyer. Baez says they can hear his side before he is charged. Danny says they are charging Matt with murder. Matt doesn't believe them. Baez says he killed a young mother when he broke into an apartment. Matt says he didn't go into anyone's apartment Danny says he doesn't want to charge Matt with murder. Matt says right, he didn't kill anyone. Danny says give us a list of the people you victimized and we'll only charge you with those crimes. Matt says okay.

Jack finds Erin in the church praying. He asks how she is doing. Erin says she could never get over being separated from her child for the first five years of her life. Jack encourages her to talk to Darnell again.

Jamie is worried that Eddie agrees with Frank. Eddie thinks Frank challenges Jamie to be a better person and she loves that about him.

Danny's perp confesses to a bunch of crimes. Danny leaves while Baez gets the confession.

Erin is impressed with Danny's bluff. He offers to buy Erin a drink but she says she has broken windows to repair.

Erin goes to see Darnell. She tells him that most defendants claim to be innocent. Until recently she did not believe he was innocent, but she does now. She tells him she is recommending he be exonerated and she will set the record straight. But she can't do much to make up for lost time. She hopes that he can forgive her someday. Darnellt ells her that his lawyer told him that if he holds onto resentment the rest of his life will be a prison sentence. He forgives her.

Erin goes and finds Jack waiting for her. She thanks him. They hug.

Danny has taken Henry to some bar where there is a trivia game. Henry doesn't think he can do it but gets the first question and the second. 

Jamie finds Frank at the pier trying to fish.  They have a conversation about fishing. Frank says he threw back a striper that was beat up. Jamie knows the feeling.

Jamie claims not to know how Frank would react. Frank says he must have known but did what he was gonna do anyway. Jamie says he came because Henry told him he'd be here. Frank admits he might have done the same thing. Jamie says he definitely would have. Jamie says he doesn't care about the climate, he has to do what he thinks is right. Frank says he has to hold Jamie to a higher standard.



Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 10 Episode 7 Quotes

Anyone who throws water on police officers, who throw objects at police officers, who impede police officers while they are doing the job are breaking the law. Anyone caught doing this will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I want to be crystal clear about this. I will never ask my officers to tolerate abuse.


Jack: So how's life as an empty nester?
Erin: Oh, I miss Nicky so much.
Jack: Remember the first time she left us?
Erin: Dance camp. But you didn't call me here to go down memory lane, did you?