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Everyone is sitting and waiting. Danny starts up about how half of them didn't know Joe was undercover and they could have helped. The phone rings. Frank finds out that something is confirmed. The body in the car was not Joe. Everyone is relieved but Henry can't take another funeral and wants them to get Joe back alive.

Joe tries to convince the other guy to get revenge on the bosses for messing with them.

Danny is still upset that Jamie is the "chosen one". Anyway, they find Joe's phone. Jamie realizes they can track Joe by his credit card.

Weber goes to see Frank and accuses Joe of killing Max, and says he is AWOL. Frank says she broke her promise. They argue. Frank admits that Joe is his grandson. She thinks Frank is a piece of work. She isn't happy that Frank has someone handling Joe instead of leaving it to her.

Jamie and Danny go to the gas station. The guy says he can't leave the register to look at security tapes with them but will let them look by themselves. They find Joe on the tape but all he mouths is I'm okay.

Anthony agrees with Danny that this is too dangerous and Joe is nuts. Erin agrees with Danny they have to do whatever it takes to bring Joe home. Anyway Jamie finds out Joe is in MA.

Joe and Dixon discuss the lottery. Evans breaks in and holds them at gunpoint. He wants to see guns and holsters to see who's a cop. Evans is sure Dixon is a cop. Joe shoots Evans before Evans can kill Dixon. Dixon is shocked to learn Joe is a cop.

Danny and Jamie show up at the scene of the hotel. Evans have been taken to the hospital and Joe is gone. The cops have found some sort of message on Evans. Danny thinks Joe is sending them on a wild goose chase. Jamie says that Joe knows they will pull him off the case so he is evading them. They crack the code and realize Joe is on Rhode Island.

Baker insists Frank needs to eat. Garrett has steak for him. Frank doesn't feel up to talking. He's superstitious. If they try to take their mind off this the fates might get mad. Gormley comes in with news. Someone in Rhode Island ran Joe's plates.

Anthony thinks the best move is to copy the other guy's playbook and they can't play by the rules this time.

Dixon is angry and pulls over to take a leak. Joe comes out of the car. He says Dixon can work with him or get shot.  Joe keeps shooting at Dixon to make him talk. Dixon tells him about a shipment.

Danny hopes this isn't another game of musical cars. They question another clerk and look at surveillance video. Joe shows them a brochure from New Hampshire. Meanwhile Kenny and one of his associates show up outside looking for Joe and Dixon. Jamie is watching.

Danny passes Kenny et al on the way out. He whispers the latest to Jamie. They gotta  stay ahead of the bad guys. He messes with the pick up trucks and gets back to Jamie just in time. The pickups don't have gas and can't go too far.

Weber and Frank argue but he says that they need to stop being at each other's throats. Joe is their problem and they have to keep him safe. Joe is a pain in the ass who has to do things this way. Baker interrupts that the Reagan brothers are on the line. He tells Weber to stay while he takes the call. Danny wants to know what's going on in New Hampshire. Weber offers to deputize them if they cooperate with her.

Anthony wants to break in without a warrant while Erin keeps look out. She's nervous about this.  He tells her she's got this and gets out of the car.

Henry explains how he rewarms pizza in a frying pan with oil.  Erin shows up. She has illegally obtained evidence but tells Frank she has a warrant from Joe Sr's ghost.

Danny tells Jamie that Joe Sr was tipped off ahead of time but refused to back out. Maybe Joe Hill has the same blind spot. He wants Jamie to go in to talk to the manager while he sits in the car. Jamie refuses. They find Joe outside. He's good with being brought in but he needs 12 more hours.

Weber tells Frank that the courthouse is being targeted but she isn't sure why. Frank suggests firearms. Gormley thinks they should postpone the hearing. That all requires going through channels. Weber is frustrated and so is Gormley. Weber gets a call and says she apologizes for her outburst. She invites Frank to join them for the mission. He is going to stay here and is handling this in house Weber is rooting for them. He wishes her luck as well.

Dixon shows up at a farmhouse somewhere and starts kissing a woman who grabs a gun and says where is your cop friend? Jamie, Danny, and Joe all show up. They tie the woman up. Kenny tries to call. They make the woman say that she hasn't seen them but she betrays them so they knock her over and hurry out. They find a bunch of long guns that they grab. Dixon says it's for taking over a federal courthouse. The bad guys show up. Joe says spread out and cover me. The shootout begins. , Danny ducks away from a bullet just in time. Jamie grabs a mirror off a truck so he can see where the bad guys are. They shoot two of the three bad guys. Joe is hard to hear as he warns them about another guy. The shootout continues and Danny shoots another guy. Dixon and Joe both get shot. The bad guys take off. Jpe is grunting with pain. Dixon is gone.

Joe attends Sunday dinner where they all say Grace. Frank tells him to look under his plate. His medal has been restored.  Also they got food from his favorite place in Glen Cove. They tease Joe about having bailed on dinner six months ago. Joe says he's sorry about that. He felt overwhelmed and turtled. Henry wonders if Joe is the new black sheep who makes them worry. Frnak says then they are all black sheep. Henry says he is a silver sheep. Frank says Joe is his father's son. Joe hopes that's a good thing. Frank says there is no better thing.


Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 11 Episode 16 Quotes

Frank: The body in the car wasn't Joe.
Jamie: We still haven't heard from him yet.
Frank: At least there's reason to think that we still might.

Sean: Does anyone wish that we'd never met Joe in the first place?
Frank: No one thinks that.
Jamie: Push that out of your head.