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Erin does a closing statement in a DUI/vehicular manslaughter case.

A rape survivor talks to Danny and Baez. She was attacked during a ride share.

Eddie and Witten are driving along when they hear an officer down alert on the radio. They go to assist. Witten says it's the worst part of the job.

Frank awards a police combat cross to an officer in a wheelchair.  The woman makes a speech about how protecting this city means everything to her. She wants to keep her job.

Jamie wants everyone on duty til they get the guy who shot the cop. Gordon's partner blames himself. He wants to kill the guy who did it. Jamie send him home.

Diane wants Erin to recommend a strict sentence to the judge for the drunk driver now that he's been convicted.

Baez says the ride share company doesn't think it was them. There are rogue drivers out there. Danny says ride shares are too dangerous and he once grounded Sean for using one They get a call about a lead.

Allison is working out. Frank comes to see her. He says she took him by surprise at the press conference. She could have told him privately. She says that would have gone nowhere so she had to pressure him publicly. Frank doesn't appreciate that. No detective has ever worked a case from a wheelchair. Allison says they aren't on the front lines.  And some of her colleagues are in poor shape and can't climb stairs. She wants a chance to prove herself. Frank goes.

Danny talks to Strand, the suspect. He says he delivers prescriptions at night. He didn't pick anyone up. Danny wants him to stand in a lineup. Strand is willing.

A guy s drunk and attacking kids on a playground. They can't open fire without hurting the kids. Farmer tackles the guy and gets stabbed.

The guy who shot the cop is dead.

Baker tells Frank there are 11 disabled officers -- but they are all in ceremonial positions. Sid says you can't be a detective in a wheelchair. Garett says ADA. Baker agrees. Sid thinks Allison wants to sue the city and get a paycheck. Frnak disagrees but says she can't be a detective -- but public opinion will be on her side.

Erin says that parents of the kids want Farmer to get a light sentence. Diane Brooks wants the opposite. Anthony doesn't think Farmer should get a pass just cause he did something good.

Kirsten is there to do the lineup. The detectives reassure her the perps can't see her. . She doesn't think she can recognize anyone. She can't be sure. She leaves and Danny insists Strand is the guy. They need a warrant to search his car. He wants to have a conversation with this scumbag.

Jamie says he had to call IAB. Eddie thinks cops should get to shoot people who kill other cops.

Danny tries to question Strand. Baez says the DA says charge him or cut him loose. Danny wants another hour. He insists this guy did it.

Jamie talks to IAB who says Flores will be charged with murder at the end of their investigation.

Jamie talks to Flores. His partner is in a coma. He won't talk to the cops and feels he deserves punishment. Jamie tells Flores to stop blaming himself. Flores says he'll take what he has coming. He won't talk to Jamie either.

Frank talks to Allison. He says he knows this meeting was short notice. He says he's on her side. He got a call from Chief Ellison. A spot opened up on his command. Allison turns it down. She doesn't want an administrative job.  Allison wants to be a detective and will do it alone if needed. Also she is in touch with a lawyer. Frank says he's not the enemy.

Danny is tracking Strand with a GPS tracker, despite no court order. Danny says no one will know about it. He'll have an undercover officer ask Strand for a ride. (Why don't they do a proper sting without breaking the law?)

Erin sits in the church. Frank joins her. He says Farmer is a tough call.  Frank says the archbishop told him that God doesn't expect people to be perfect. Erin has no idea what to do. Frank suggests she talks to the people whose lives she's going to change.

Sean doesn't seem to like the food. Apparently he is having girl problems and broke up with his girlfriend. Sean says Lisa accused him of flirting with Brittany Carmichael. Erin says all the men at the table have bad breakups. Danny mentions that Jamie broke up with Gina at his law firm. Jamie is annoyed. Erin mentions Nancy Drake and Danny. Danny says she wanted him to move to Chicago and he just moved to NY on her birthday and didn't ever talk to her again. Erin asks Frank about some woman he dumped for their mother. Frank isn't interested in talking about it. Everyone wants to know but his lips are sealed.

Baez is undercover and complains about her wig. Strand is pulling up. It turns out not to be Strand, some guy named Leo. Baez calls him out of the car and questions him. He's using Strand's car while Strand uses a different car.

The cops have Leo call Strand who insists he's not in any kind of trouble. Strand asks for Reagan. He has a girl with him who is screaming in the background. He hangs up on Danny.

Jamie and Eddie are going over the incident report. No witness is mentioning Flores. So Flores wasn't there when his partner was shot.

Strand tries to rape the girl but Danny breaks the window and gets him out of the car while Baez frees the girl.

Erin talks to Diane who thinks she just wants to be let off the hook. Erin says you two are the ones who have to live with the decision. She's asking for guidance. Diane says she thought about those parents being grateful, but her child is dead and Farmer should pay for that. Erin says it's up to Diane how much.an find a recommendation hey can all live with.

Jamie and Eddie go to talk to Flores. Apparently Gordon regained consciousness. Jamie confronts Flores about not being there when Gordon got shot. Flores says he was buying gum when Gordon got shot. Jamie tells him he didn't do anything wrong. He and Eddie think Flores is a good guy.

Baker tells Frank about a report that a plainclothes officer was in a wheelchair.

Farmer does not want a lesser sentence. He says there's no excuse for what he did. He deserves a harsh sentence. Diane comes in and says she can't forgive him today. But her daughter believed in finding the good in people.  So maybe they can find a sentence they can all live with.

Frank talks to Allison who says the suspect shot at her and she took him down. Frank says she is not supposed to be on the street. She doesn't want pity or a handout of a desk job. She won't sue. She'll just quit. She has applications out to other police departments. She wants Frank to reach out to them. He suggests she have a third detective with her. She'd have to report to him weekly about her progress. She would be the first. Make it work so others could follow.



Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 11 Episode 4 Quotes

Eddie: No guts, no glory.
WItten: If you keep eating like that, you'll have no guts cause you'll have a hole in them.

Now the defense says that the defendant has a wife and two kids. Do not allow yourself to be distracted by sympathy for him. Diane Thomas lost her only kid. She doesn't need sympathy. She needs justice.