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Frank has filed his taxes and is talking with a young CPA whose mom worked for Henry. Frank says he knows she has bad news. She says she used to get nervous coming to meetings with him. Frank keeps pushing. She went through all the files. She saw that Henry has been making monthly payments to someone for at least 12 years -- all cash dispersements. 

Danny and Baez are investigating a murderer when the victim's two adults sons show up and start fighting with each other.

A girl is asking Sean for help with homework but he is distracted because someone put ACAB on his locker.

Eddie and Witten hear gunshots and find a girl bleeding out on the floor somewhere. The shooter is at a front desk yelling he wants his money. The store owner says he paid him already and gets shot. Eddie and Witten end up in a shootout with the guy. They shoot him dead eventually. Witten is shaken but okay.

Gerald says he's the real son and the other one broke up the family. Other son says family was already screwed up, Mom was an alcoholic who died of uterine cancer and then Ted laughed. Ted says Junior is smug. Junior says Gerald is an addict and Gerald says Junior will know why the dad had so much cash on him.

A visibly upset Witten insists she's fine. A Black guy thanks her for saving them.

Danny and Baez talk to Mr. Bradley's banker. He took $100k out yesterday in cash. She doesn't know if he was depressed. But she saw those two crazy sons. One would come in and change his pin and the other would come change it back. They would fight and scream. She thinks they were ungrateful brats. Danny gets a call about Sean.

Danny comes home. Sean is studying. Danny asks him what he's hiding. Danny tells him the principal said not reporting bullying is as bad as bullying. Sean thinks ignoring them is the best idea. Danny wonders if it was a a teacher who hated Nikki/cops. Don't say anything to her. He wants to investigate. Sean doesn't want him in his business. 

Frank is reading the newspaper while Henry is cooking. Henry tells him that one of his few regrets is that he wishes he learned to cook earlier and saved a million bucks in takeout. Frank asks saving for what? Henry says do I need a lawyer? What are you looking for? Frank tells him about Melissa. Henry says that is privileged. Frank said what is? All I said is she came to my office. Henry said this is my business only. You think I'm being scammed. Back off. 

Eddie tells Witten she is in the papers as a she-ro. Someone has paid for her meal. Some crazy guy shows up and insists that nothing happened and that they made the whole thing up. He throws things around then runs away. 

Abigail goes over disciplinary action for a guy named Viviano who claimed a seizure disorder when he was caught sleeping on the job. They can't check if his meds made him sleepy because of HIPAA. Find out if he's sleeping off a hangover, Frank says. Frank says one more thing. How close were you to your dads in their latest years? Garrett asks why. Frank can't say. Sid says he was never close with his dad. Garett said his was a helicopter dad, still sends clippings about how their PR person talks to the press. ABigail's father thought she was a princess who could do no wrong. They realize Henry is upset with Frank. 

The girl thinks it's crazy Sean doesn't want his dad in his business. Her dad would have punished her for talking like that. Sean finds another ACAB tag on the inside of his locker.

Baez and Danny discuss the case. Danny has an idea but it's a bad one. He says what if he brings them both down and watches them fight?

Eddie finds out who the delusional guy is but doesn't think arresting him will help. Witten says you wouldn't believe the crazy on Youtube. Eddie says the guy is the father of the girl who died.

Danny says he and Jamie used to fight but not like this. Sean wonders why he and Jack never fought like that. Erin says she remembers them fighting with fireplace pokers and Sean splitting his head open. Danny wonders if HEnry was lucky not to have siblings. Everyone notices a chill between Frank and Henry. Erin wants to know what's going on. Henry feels Frank grilled him. Frank says that's not how it went. Henry and Frank insist it's fine.

Frank tries to talk to Henry later. He mentions a shooting. Henry doesn't know if it was a good shoot or not. He feels guilty about it. Frank says he died nine years ago. Henry says someone keeps opening that PO Box. Frank says and if it gets out? Henry says it won't. Frank hopes so. 

Danny puts his scheme into motion. The brothers want attorneys but it'll be a while. The guys argue. They argue about some texts. But neither one of them knows who he was texting with and assumed it was the other kid.

Witten wants to talk to the delusional guy. Eddie doesn't think it's a good idea. Witten thinks it was disrespectful. Eddie thinks he's just in denial about his daughter's death. The conspiracy trolls went after him, convincing him his daughter never died.

The guy comes out of his house. Witten wonders what they do now?

Sean goes to talk to the teacher. He questions her. She says she doesn't believe in ACAB anymore because of rioters over the summer and how the cops stopped the violence. She says it wasn't her who wrote that. She suggests a friend did it. Sean sees ACAB written on a girl's notebook.

Danny and Baez arrest the bank manager. They know she texted him to convince him he had to take his money out to protect it from his kids. 

The delusional guy keeps asking people at the bus station if they've seen his daughter. He starts yelling at the cops that they are imposters. He insists his daughter just isn't back yet. He had stupid disagreements with her and has to find her. The cops say they will take him to her.

The brothers fight again. Danny said neither of them did it so cut this out. Danny gets them to go out for a drink together.

The girl comes to see Sean. Got something against my friends? Sean says her friend has ACAB written on her notebook. She says she became friends with these girls but when they found out she hangs with Sean they went off on hating cops. She didn't have any girl friends and didn't want to lose them so she gave them his combination.  Sean tells her everyone makes mistakes.

Garett and Sid come to see Frank. He says he is thinking about regrets he's had. He says he knows Sid misses being in the rank and file. Abigail's talents are not used well here. And Garrett would make more money and less grief in the private sector. So if any of them would like a recommendation for a new job he will do it. Abigail thanks him but she's staying. So is Garett. So is Sid, who just wants a raise.  Frank says he would regret it forever if he thought he was holding them back.

The cops take the guy to the morgue. He tells her he was sorry he couldn't protect her. Let's go home.  Witten is crying. 


Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 11 Episode 5 Quotes

Eddie: Let me see that again.
Witten: Excuse me! You're happily married.
Eddie: You can look at the menu even though you're not going to order, you know.

10,000 dollar currency band, minus the currency. Guess that's not traceable.