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Baez and Danny are called to the scene of a woman found dead on her bed in her hotel room They talk to the roommate. The victim was a famous gamer. The other woman says that women gamers have to stick together because of creepy men who send them threats and explicit messages.

Jamie is playing basketball with a kid in an anti-gang mentorship program. A bunch of other kids come in and make fun of Dion for hanging out with a cop.

Sid is upset about a new policy that causes cops to lose their pensions if they are fired for cause. Garrett debates it with him. Frank dismisses everyone except Garett. Garett apologizes for overstepping. Frank says he didn't. He says that law needs to be repealed but he needs to stand with the rank and file.

Danny thinks gaming is like a foreign language. Sean shows up because he forgot his keys. Danny asks him for help. Sean wants to see his notes. Sean tells him one guy is a sportscaster who said awful things about Andrea last year. He almost lost his job.

Dion asks Jamie to hold onto a watch that belonged to his dad.  Jamie gives him a basketball that has an NYPD insignia on it. Dion is unhappy. Jamie tries to question him about the gang members who were messing with him before.

Witten and Eddie run into a woman with a big bruise on her cheek. The woman says she is being abused.. All of a sudden this guy shows up and says his kids threw a toy at her and won't let her talk anymore.

Danny and Baez try to question their suspect. He says he didn't see Andrea since Tuesday's event. Baez asks him about the problem between him and Andrea. He says they made amends for that and he is doing a a live memorial for Andrea now. He says talk to my lawyers if you need something else and goes.

Frank and Garrett meet Erin for lunch. They want Erin to talk to the governor. Frank has to oppose the new law publically but in private he agrees with it. He wants Erin to communicate this to the governor. Erin refuses to be in the middle. Garrett insists she's the only one who can do this. Frank says he's just asking and it's up to her.

Jamie is waiting for Dion but he doesn't show up. He goes to his apartment where the mother says her son doesn''t want to see him. Dion says it's okay. He comes out and is all beat up. Jamie asks Dion if it's because he was asking around. Dion wants to drop out of the program. He doesn't want to be part of the program anymore.

Eddie wants to talk to Elena again. They get a call about a drunk and disorderly person in Elena's apartment building. Eddie wants to go over there. The mother won't let Elena talk. She says something about "if you called them you can get kicked out of the country" and slams the door in Eddie's face.

Erin comes to see Frank. She is on the way to see the governor. Is he sure he wants to do this? Frank doesn't see a better way to let the governor know. Does she want to do this? Erin says she's used to it coming from her brothers but not from him. Frank says if she doesn't want to go through with this, he understands.

Erin talks to the governor, who is suspicious of Frank's support of this bill.  He's not happy with what Frank is likely to say publically. Erin says Frank will owe him one.

Meanwhile, Jamie confronts some guys and gets Dion's watch back but insists on knowing who stole it.

Baez is disgusted by the messages Andrea received. Danny has security footage. It looks like Meghan and Andrea looked alike, so maybe the bad guy went after the wrong mark.

Garrett comes to see Frank. He's not happy with the new bill. Instead of going on a case-by-case basis, the new bill automatically cancels pensions for any infraction, no matter how small. Frank says he will tell Erin.

Eddie and Witten go to see Yolana's employer again. They are here to inform her that ACS has been notified and will be investigating. She defends her husband. But at the last second she decides to press charges. Mike is arrested.

Jamie gives Dion his watch back and tells him he knows Dion's brother is involved with the gang. Dion should convince him to turn himself in. Dion doesn't want to listen and goes.

Danny and Baez arrive and look for Megan. They find her attacking Ralph with a knife. She wants to get him for what he did. Danny says if she does this her life is over too. Meghan tries to attack Ralph. Danny stops her and Ralph is arrested.

Reggie and Dante are talking when the cops break in and arrest Dante. Dante tells Jamie that Dion is dead to him.

Frank can't believe Erin confronted the governor. He will never ask her to do something like this again.... unless he needs her.

Jamie goes to see Dion. Dion's mom doesn't want Jamie around. Dion says it's okay. He wants Jamie to put a word in for his brother with ERin. Jamie won't so Dion leaves mad.

At dinner, Eddie starts a conversation about Lent and giving up things you don't hate. Eddie doesn't understand how they can be cops and look out for scams etc but they go by the honor system with Lent.



Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 11 Episode 10 Quotes

Sid: 20 years, you get a pension. That's the way it should be.
Garrett: Yeah, from the police perspective.
Sid: That's the perspective we usually take around here, in case you haven't noticed.

Woman: We we here for a gaming convention.
Danny: So you're here to watch video games?
Woman: No, to play them.