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Baez finds a corpse in front of her residence. She recognizes him. She calls it in.

Erin is upset that Kim has given her notes telling her to do the basics. Anthony suggests she write a thank you note and do what she is going to do anyway. Erin writes "Thanks but no thanks" on the notes and goes to deliver them.

Jamie gets on a cop who is always late and who says his wife is sick. Jamie gives him foot patrol in freezing weather. Eddie comes in and says she thinks Jamie was too tough on Diaz. She says his wife is pregnant and sick. Jamie says by the third time he should have developed a back up plan.

Frank talks to Baker about someone not being 100% themselves. It's Sid. They think he and Sheila are having problems and maybe he is drinking too much. Sid shows up and seems half out of it. His tie is all askew.

Frank tries to find out what's going on. Sid insists he can handle things on his own. Frank says he needs help and wants him to see Dr. Dawson, a therapist who works with cops. Sid doesn't know about this idea. Frank says they will all go to therapy to support Sid.

Danny questions Baez who says she was not intimate with this guy. They went on a few dates and he turned out to be married. She has no idea who would want him dead.

Danny's boss wants to see him. He wants Danny to interrogate Baez before the rat squad shows up.

Erin confronts Kim about how she's been here 15 years and Kim has only been here a few months. Don't give her notes again.  Kim was on speaker phone and the guy heard the whole thing. Erin apologizes for being unprofessional. Kim says she was talking with her own boss and now he will doubt her. Erin agrees that was unacceptable but the thing with the notes still stands. Kim said great then let's sit down for that conversation tomorrow.

Dr. Dawson is here to see Frank. Frank hopes he doesn't mind doing this in his office. He seems nervous. He says let me let you in on a little secret. Dawson guesses Frank wants to tell him he himself doesn't need therapy and is trying to help another cop. Frank wonders if he is doing this wrong. He cuts the session short after about two minutes.

Eddie finds Jamie meditating. She wants to talk to him about Diaz again. She informs Jamie she is the alternate union rep and is representing Diaz. Jamie refuses to change the RIP. Eddie gives him notice there is a hearing tomorrow.

Danny questions Baez. She is annoyed when he asks if she was intimate with the victim. She says she barely knew the guy. She can't tell if he is playing IA for this roleplay or if he just wants to know. Danny says she needs to find answers before IA comes rolling through the door.

Kim and Erin meet for lunch. Kim tells Erin she thinks Erin resents her and thinks she was hired because she is Black. She tells Erin she is highly qualified and she IS the boss so she will give Erin as many notes as necessary.

Eddie is worried because Jamie is a lawyer and she's not. Jamie says he always loses arguments with her.

Sid has sliced his hand open and is all bandaged but won't go home. Frank asks if he's seen Dawson yet. Sid says he doesn't have time. Frank has already seen Dawson and the others offer to go with Sid to see Dawson. Frank tells Sid he needs to get it done.

Baez goes to see Danny. She would have liked a heads up about the vic's fiancee. Danny says the fiancee has an alibi. He couldn't text her without getting IA's attention. Baez tells him how she remembered she has a doorbell camera when a delivery guy rang the bell. So there may be video footage of the murder. They find a video of someone hitting the victim from behind.

Sid comes in the next morning. Frank was just leaving him a note. Sid hopes it is an apology. Frank says we're all seeing Dawson. Sid says that Frank had him tailed and pulled over on the way home from a bar last night. Frank tells him he had nothing to do with that. Sid says you've been busting my chops all week. He hasn't gone to a shrink because he has a right to privacy. Frank says this is like when you were a kid and your parents tried to protect you during an accident. Sid breaks down in tears while yelling at Frank. Frank suggests he take the day off.

Jamie and Eddie appear before Jamie's boss. Eddie says would Sergeant Reagan leave his wife to fend for herself? Jamie says he expects Diaz to make a plan to both care for his wife and get to work on time. However, Jamie's boss sides with Jamie.

Erin tells Anthony she's submitting her letter of resignation since Kim wants to push her out. Anthony encourages her to stand her ground and push back.

Baez is looking at her phone when the fiancee shows up in her house with a knife. They fight each other over the knife. Danny shows up. He shoots the fiancee.

Kim comes to see Erin. Erin says she thought about what Kim said, read her notes, decided they were good points, but deleted the notes. They don't work for her. She says she has three job offers and will walk if Kim insists on her following her notes.

Sid has not shown up or answered texts. Baker and Garett tell Frank that Sid will be along soon. Frank tells them they are good friends. Sid will be fine but won't be in for a while. He says that Sid's former partner had died and Sid didn't get to say goodbye.

Eddie is gloating that Diaz's punishment has been changed. Jamie denies it being him. Eddie thinks he did it and is all happy. Jamie says it wasn't him. Eddie sees him strut off and says she knew it.

Danny goes to see Baez in the hospital. She is okay. Danny says he knew via her doorbell app. It was still active on his computer so he saw it go down. Baez says she doesn't know why she didn't tell Danny she was dating. She felt awkward. Danny says he felt it too.

Everyone is passing around an envelope and guessing if Sean got into the college of his choice or not. Frank suggests Sean open it and see. Sean takes his time. He got in. Everyone cheers.

Dr. Dawson comes to see Frank. Frank is not surprised Sid has not reached out to Gormley. Frank doesn't know why he asked Dawson up here. Frank doesn't want to waste Dawson's time. He tells Dawson that he lost his wife, his son, his daughter-in-law, has a grandson in harm's way, and some days he can't see past that scoreboard.






Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 11 Episode 9 Quotes

Sid: Sorry, boss, it's been a crazy morning.
Frank: How?
Sid: It's just, you know, Monday.
Frank: Gee, I never heard a day of a week being used as an alibi.

Erin: You need to do something.
Anthony: What?
Erin: I don't know. Restrain me, maybe.
Anthony: Here?
Erin: Not literally.
Anthony: It was a joke. Remember jokes.