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A guy comes into a store and finds things all over the place. He starts cleaning up and a robber hits him over the head.

Erin is looking through boxes. Kim wants her to look at something for her. Apparently she wants it right now. It's a misdemeanor drug charge. Kim wants her to take the lead on it even though it's below Erin's pay grade.

Erin tells Anthony that Kim gave her this case to punish her for the bumper sticker advertising her DA run.

Frank congratulates a detective. She asks if he meant it about choosing their next assignments. She wants to be posted in 1PP on Frank's floor.

Danny is excited about his favorite Vietnamese food. He teases Baez about not having ever eaten pickles. They go to question the guy who was attacked in the first scene. He says he came in alone. His wife cries in Vietnamese but he won't tell them what she is saying at first. He says he never made it to the bank last night to make the deposit. He lost 20k. He says something to her in Vietnamese.

Danny tries to get people to talk to him and they all claim not to speak English. Some guy on a stoop says he knows how this works. They go into an alley and says the residents are scared of payback from a gang called Born in USA. The gang is run by a guy named Sonny.

Frank tells the detective that everyone who works for him was invited here. The detective has achieved a lot on the streets and wants to see what she can achieve under Frank. She says as a female cop she gets lip service about rewards that don't materialize. She has no agenda. She just wants to be useful. Frank doesn't think she'd be a good fit but he'd place her anywhere else. She thanks him for his honesty. He is impressed she didn't crumble at his comments so he hires her after all. Garrett and Sid wonder why. Frank says this was the position this woman wanted.

Erin goes to Jamie about her busy work case.

Sid and Garett aren't happy, especially Sid. The cop has a great record and resume. She shows up just then. Garett welcomes her to the team. She feels honored and excited to be with the Dream Team. Sid says they are the Three Musketeers.

The cops show up at a skate park where the Vietnamese gang hangs out. They arrest a bunch of people. A guy runs away and gets caught by Danny, who calls him Sonny and arrests him.

Sonny says something in Vietnamese and says Google it. He was born here just like them. He says Little Nam isn't America, it's Vietnam in eery way. Danny says they still go to US jails. Sonny claims he had nothing to do with the beating. Bal is off limits. Baez asks why. He makes the best lemongrass pork bun. Danny agrees and tells Sonny Baez has never had a pickle. He believes Sonny is telling the truth.

The team meets about a cop who got rowdy upstate. Reddick is asked for her opinion. She thinks she should sit out since she's new. Frank tells her to sink or swim. She says she thinks Stoltz should be demoted to patrol since he got drunk and threw something at a bar TV. Sid defends Stoltz. They argue. Reddick thinks that would help the public feel comfortable with cops and show cops aren't above the law. Sid hopes Frank isn't listening. Garett and Abigail agree with Reddick. Frank will think about it.

Anthony and Erin meet with an attorney who seems nervous and uptight. Erin wants the drug user to plead guilty to the charge with time served. The attorney agrees.  Erin is surprised and glad to hear it.

Sid takes Reddick's advice personally. He thinks she wants his job. Garett comes in and tells Sid to play nice before Frank notices the animosity.

Danny and Baez are eating a sandwich when a guy is thrown out of a truck. The guy has been beat up, probably by Sonny, and had a dispute with Bal. The guy claims it's just typical landlord/tenant stuff. He wants his lawyer. His attorney shows up and claims his client has been traveling and he can prove it.

Sid speaks again on Stoltz's behalf. He says he didn't consider Reddick's POV like he should have. In some ways she was right. They have an obligation to show the public they hear their concerns. But taking away his bar won't make Stoltz a better cop, just more bitter because he was made an example of. Stoltz has checked himself into rehab. Reddick doesn't approve and thinks the public will see it as cops giving cops a break that others don't receive. Sid says the court of public opinion shouldn't be the highest court in the land. Frank again says he's taking it under advisement.

Abigail and Garett congratulate Sid. Reddick tells him his presentation was thoughtful and compelling. But will Frank wonder why it's taken him so long to do his job the way it's supposed to be done?

Kim doesn't approve of the deal. Erin says this is a great outcome. Kim starts singing more, more more. Erin has no idea what she's talking about.

Danny is watching the footage of Sonny's interrogation over and over. Erin shows up.  Danny needles her and says he didn't tell anyone about the bumper sticker. Erin says her perp may be related to someone Danny arrested. Danny seems to get a clue about his own case from this and left.

Danny and Baez pass by Sonny on their way into the store. Bal says he's too busy to talk.  He is upset they talked to the landlord. The wife says something in Vietnamese and he yells at her. He tells them to leave.

Danny has recorded the woman's speech and it translates to her saying that her husband should tell the cops who did this.

 Danny brings in the kid from before. He says the kid left out that he is Bal's son and has a gambling problem. He owed 20k before the robbery. The kid denies it. His father is watching from outside. He comes in and says his son did this. The son yels at him in Vietnamese. Danny arrests him.

Erin gives Kim felony charges against the defendant. Apparently the guy is the heir apparent to a gang who is running the operation. Erin is sure Kim knew this already. Kim admits she had a hunch.

Frank says there is no right decision. He's the boss and has to live with all his decisions. Frank says Reddick made a good case. Frank is agreeing to an extent with Reddick. He is demoting Stoltz to sergeant. Sid and Reddick both helped him make this decision. Frank is transferring her. He thinks that she is too good to be wasted up here.

At the skate park, Danny is waiting to talk to Sonny. Danny talks to him about the Godfather. He thinks Sonny should do a Michael and get out of crime. He offers Sonny the opportunity to work with him.

Erin asks Anthony what's wrong with her. He says her feet are big. There's nothing wrong with her, seriously. She says she always assumes the worst of people. She was wrong about Kim. He says she thinks being human is a weakness. Erin wonders why she should replace Crawford when Crawford respects her.

At family dinner, Erin announces she isn't running for DA. She claims it's just for personal reasons. No one believes her. Frank and Henry have no idea what's going on. Erin says it's a long story with no point. She just doesn't want to do it -- isn't that enough? Frank's two cents is that an emphatic no is sometimes the last step before jumping in.

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 12 Episode 7 Quotes

Danny: I love these.
Baez: Bodega robberies?

Erin: This is a misdemeanor drug charge.
Kim: I realize it's below your pay grade.
Erin: It's below this office's pay grade.