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Danny complains about the cold while on the way to a homicide.

Jamie and Eddie are hacing dinner with a friend of Eddie's when suddenly two guys come out of the back fighting with each other.

Erin gives a commencement speech at Hudson University and says justice cannot prevail without community. A process server interrupts. A sister of a colleague who committed suicide is suing her.

Sid and Abigail have a story about Officer Gilson, who sounds like a superhero. Frank plans to have a press conference. Garrett is late. He says the hero comes with a caveat. Apparently Officer Gilson is on an 18+ website and has naked pictures. Frank and Sid refrain from taking a look. Frank says he has to fire her now. Garrett isn't comfortable with the idea. Sid worries everyone will find out. Abigail refrains from commenting.

Danny and Baez have coffee for each other. Baez has ID'd the victim from Lion King tickets in his pocket. Danny has gotten a bunch of witnesses who all described the witness of being a different race and sometimes gender. Baez wonders if the witnesses are racist. Danny doubts it but they need to get it right.

Sid comes to see Jamie. He says that there's drug dealing going on at Tracey's restaurant and he wants Jamie to go undercover and investigating.

Anthony has gotten Jack to meet with him and Erin about the case. He and Jack immediately get into it. Erin tells them to play nice.

Jamie talks to Eddie and finds out Tracey used to do drugs. Eddie doesn't appreciate him accusing Tracey.

Officer Gilson comes in to see Frank. She is young and seems nervous. Frank offers to have Baker sit in but Gilson says not necessary. She assumes it's not about the incident in Prospect Park. Frank explains there are rules about off-duty employment. She says she tries to keep it in private and she doesn't want to dishonour the department. She can handle whatever comes her way. SHe says she is not paid by the site and a friend dared her to post the pictures and then she got a lot of money for them. Frank doesn't understand why she joined the NYPD if she needed so much money. Officer Gilson says her mother lost her job and insurance and has pac=ncreatic cancer. She needs to get her whatever help she needs, and can't do that on her paycheck alone.

Danny and Baez interview a Black guy who insists he is only here because of his skin color. Avtually he has a bench warrant and his alibi is that he was walking past the scene of the crime.

Eddie comes to tak to Tracey and finds out Jamie was just there saying they were thinking of investing in the restaurant. Eddie asks how she met her fiance. The guys come back and say something about Sandy, who supposedly moved to the city.

Some lady in Erin's office says she's transferring because she's angry that Erin made her mentor kill himself.

Eddie tries to ask McNichols about Jamie's behavior. She wants to know why he's focused on her friend. McNichols doesn't want to be involved.

Baker tells Frank the media has got wind of this story. However he has not fired Gilson. Baker is still not sure what to think.SHe says that at first she didn't like it, but eveyrone is naked a few times a day, aren't they? And times have changed, so she thinks Frank should change with them. Frank suggests she be commissioner for a day and make the call but she's not interested.

At dinner they have Chinese takeout and Danny prefers it to potatoes. Danny brings up that maybe Frank is thinking about the naked cop. Frank says he doesn't know what to do. Sean goes on and on about the website and all the categories. Sean says nudity is not a big deal to people who grew up with the Internet. Henry says he knows old people who had no problem taking it all off. He and his wife once went to a nudist camp. No one wants to hear this but he says he never felt so free. Frank knew about it already and says it was the worst day of his life when he did.

Erin goes to see the woman suing her and tells her that she fired her brother because he was involved in a drug cartel. The woman says he was a good man. Erin said she worked with him for years and knows that. The woman wonders what now? Erin says they can go to court or they can talk about him the way he deserves to be remembered.

Jamie goes into his top-secret office and finds Eddie there with Sid. He knows Eddie questioned Tracey and wants to know why Jamie broke the rules about confidentiality. Jamie says he didn't, which Sid doesn't believe. Eddie says she was suspicious and wanted to know what Jamie was doing. Sid says she has to leave. She says she has an idea how to get to the bottom of it.

Mr. Duckworth has woken up from his coma. Baez shows him a sheet of mugshots and he says that the perp what was white. He complains how he hates the city and didn't even want to be here. He says the perp was named Spencer and was in a frat.

Eddie and Jamie question Sandy who says that Marino and Stefano are into drugs and that's why she stopped hanging out with Tracey.

A sergeant tells her precinct that there will not be comments made about Gilson in the locker room. Frank comes in and offers the cops the ability to give their opinions. One cop says he thinks she's a joke and literally all the other cops disagree and say she's a great cop and that women get these obnoxious comments anyway. Her partner says she's a hero. Justin says she's not.

Danny and Baez go to talk to Spencer who is stoned. They look at his hands. He says he feels bad about that dude. He says he was drunk after a bad day so he decided to rob someone. He asks if he can put on real shoes before he is arrested.

The police raid the restaurant and one of the guys says he doesn't know where Tracey is while the other comes at Jamie with a knife and gets shot. Tracey is MIA.

Danny goes to see Atkins who says I told you I didn't do it. Atkins thinks it's because he's Black. Danny says bad guys and good guys come in all colors but no one can do this job without getting their personal feelings involved sometimes. We can all do better.  He hopes Atkins can turn his life around.  He hopes that his apology can keep things from getting worse.

Eddie doesn't feel like drinking when Tracey betrayed her. Tracey shows up. Jamie explains that he learned that Tracey wasn't involved.

Jack comes to see Erin and congratulates her for Holly dropping the lawsuit and he knows she didn't take his advice. She invites him in but he doesn't think it's a good idea. He reminds her that she said they didn't work. She saiys she has been known to be wrong occasionally. He doesn't thnk this is a good idea.

Gilson comes to see Frank. Baker says let's be careful.

Gilson has decided to resign. She says it's not because of the papers. She got triple the followers and huge donations. She gives in her shield. Frank tells her to put it back on. She says she's not giving up the side gig. Frank says what his cops do on their own time is not is business.  He doesn't want to lose an exceptional cop. He advises her to let her partner handle it if anyone bothers her about this.

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Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 16 Quotes

Cops have been fired for being nude in magazines before. Hell, they've even been fired for dancing on tables on Tock-Tick.


Brr. It's too cold. Don't you miss you were a detective in the early 1900s who investigated murders in a warm mansion by a crackling fire with ten suspects lined up?