The Latest Clash - Blue Bloods Season 14 Episode 1
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Human traffickers take a bunch of women who have sacks over their heads and their hands bound. A woman runs away from this creepy scene. One of the traffickers goes after her -- and it's Jamie, undercover, with a beard.

Baez and Danny are called to the sccene of a domestic disturbance, where they find a beaten-up wife who says all the usual things about how her husband is a good guy who just lost his temper and this is no big deal. They go and confront the husband at work anyway, warning him that if it happens again they're arresting him regardless of his wife's opinion on the matter.

Eddie sees a kid shoplifting at an electronics store. The clerk shrugs and says it happens. She's not allowed to stop shoplifters in the store. Eddie confronts the kid outside and he gives her attitude. She shows him her badge.

Jamie gets into it with some guy at the place where the trafficked girls are being held who has an attitude toward him.

Frank meets with the mayor, who has a paper-mache doll of Frank. Mexico PC gave it to him because Frank won a bet about a game. Anyway, the Mayor has been out of town trying to get people to help him with illegal immigration. No one will. Frank quips that 90% of success is just showing up.  Mayor Chase says there are too many immigrants coming in and he needs to do something so he wants to suspend the Right to Shelter law which is supposed to protect homeless and EDP Americans. Frank is not interested in being by his side for this. Chase insists.

Eddie's supervisor tells her that they can't arrest shoplifters because the stores won't bother to press charges so it's a waste of time. The kid's mother shows up and says she is so sorry. She has talked to her son about stealing before but he isn't getting the message because there are never consequences. Eddie is upset to have to let him go this time. The kid gloats.

Another guy at the trafficker place says to Jamie he feels guilty about doing this. The guy that doesn't like Jamie shows up messing with one of the girls without permission. Jamie tells him to cut it out. The guy pulls a knife. Jamie disarms him. The boss breaks up the fight.

Baez and Danny are called back to the same residence. James is dead. Nia claims she was upstairs and heard shots. Her gun is missing. They take her to the station anyway and interrogate her, trying to get her to say that she shot him.

Darryl shows up at the station. He says Nia is his daughter. He was visiting and confronted James about beating her. James got a gun. They fought. He shot James. The murder weapon is in his back pocket.

Eddie has a talk with Erin, who says that prosecuting shoplifters is low priority because the stores never press charges. Eddie says she'll convince the store to do so. Erin says as the witness to the crime, Eddie can go to the corporate council and press charges herself.

The trafficking boss says he's ready to move the girls. He takes Hater (yes, that's really the obnoxious guy's name!) to talk logistics. Jamie sends the other guy to check on the girls. He calls Intel and puts the phone in his pocket.

Badillo comes to see Frank. Baker told him that Frank wanted to see him. Frank has no idea what this is about but asks Badillo about his family immigrating here. Badillo says they are from the Dominican Republic and always had Sunday family dinner together.

Danny goes to see Darryl in custody. The surveillance video proves that Nia shot James. Darryl says he was a bad father and that's why Nia married this jerk. Danny says Darryl never hit a woman. Darryl admits Nia shot James but says that Danny owes him this, let him take the rap for it.

Frank confronts Abigail who says she had to get him to talk to a Latino cop somehow. She's proud of what she did. Frank admits that after talking to Badillo he knows he can't support Chase..

The trafficking boss says he found a tracker. He demands at gunpoint everyone turn over their phones. He dials a phone number and it's Intel. Hater gloats that he knew Jamie was a cop. Boss says it's Hater's phone and tells. Jamie to take him and shoot him in the head.

Danny and Anthony meet. Anthony knows the confession is fake. Danny begs him not to flag this one. Darryl is trying to help his daughter.

Macnichols is pissed that Eddie filed a complaint, saying she disobeyed a direct order. Eddie says her job is to arrest bad guys, even kids, and that Brandon's mother appreciated it cause she's worried about her kid. Macnichols insists that's not their problem.

Erin calls Danny and Anthony on the carpet for accepting a false confession.

Jamie makes it look like he's gonna shoot Hater, who says you're a cop and you can't do that. Jamie's bosses show up and arrest Hater who gets mad.

Frank comes to Chase's office and says that he can't attend the meeting with him. They seem to come to an understanding, discussing how both of them have hard jobs, are lonely, and decide to go to dinner together after all.

The trafficking boss says they have to kill the girls. Hater knows too much so they have to get rid of the evidence. He wants them to torch the van with the girls inside. Jamie and the other guy aren't happy but Jamie points out the other guy is okay with sex slavery. A cop shows up just as they are about to torch the van. Jamie shoves him in the trunk of his cop car and grabs his gun. He ocnvinces the boss it's too dangerous to torch the van now.

Brandon is arrested and this time MacNichols backs Eddie up, saying that he committed grand larceny. They put him in a holding cell with Anthony, who pretends to be a guy who was arrested for killing someone who got too close on the bus. The kid is terrified.

Jamie tells his (real) boss that he's been instructed to lay low a couple days. Boss says Jamie earned some down time. Is he sure he wants to keep doing this? Jamie says he's in it til the end.

Danny meets Darryl outside the courthouse. Darryl says they let his false confession slide. Nia got six months for manslaughter. He is taking care of her son til she gets back.

Danny tells Erin he thinks she was sympathetic to Darryl. She claims she just followed the law.

Frank comes to see Mayor Chase. He has a list of things he is willing to say at the meeting. He says he'd rather take the heat from his cops than pander to his base like a politician. Chase says Frank is always hidin behind his badge. Frank admits he's more comfortable back here.

At Sunday dinner, everyone misses Jamie. Frank can't give details but says that Jamie is on an important mission and is okay. Eddie says this is hard but she married a cop. Jamie turns up just in time for dinner and gets to lead the family in Grace as the credits roll.

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Blue Bloods Season 14 Episode 1 Quotes

Danny: We were at your house. Someone did a number on your wife's face.
James Fox: Did Nia send you down here?
Danny: No, in fact, she made you promise we wouldn't arrest you. That's the only way she would tell us where you are.
James: Look, I love my wife.
Danny: Then start acting like it.

Woman: Please let me go.
Jamie: You're gonna be all right. Trust me.