Blue Bloods Review: "Friendly Fire"

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After last week's lackluster premiere, I was happy to see Blue Bloods getting back to normal. "Friendly Fire" put Danny right in the thick of an incident that placed his badge on the line.

Actually, it wasn't so much the shooting itself but the way Danny handled it that put him in jeopardy. Doing the stakeout on his own was just stupid. He was already in trouble, why risk making things worse? Especially when Jackie or another officer would have surely done the job for him. It was foolishness on Danny's part.

Danny's a good cop but he frequently lets his ego and his emotions rule his actions and that's reckless.

Son and Father Moment

I loved the opening where Linda and Danny were sniping at one another. You have days like that, even in the best of marriages. Days when the stupid stuff makes you crazy.

But that didn't stop her from being at his side when all hell broke lose. Linda's first instinct was to protect her husband. It's part of the reason why they're so good together.

I didn't see the complication with Mrs. Lee coming, even though I didn't like her the moment we met her. I thought Officer Tedesco simply didn't hear what Danny was saying because of the yelling and the noise of the train. 

And as much as I love Jackie, I thought she could have defended Danny a little more to IA. Whether or not Danny was having a bad day, a man with a gun was running towards them. He didn't stop or identify himself as a police officer. Jackie told Danny she would have shot the man if civilians hadn't been in her way. I wish she would have said that to Internal Affairs.

When Jamie told Henry that he hesitated drawing his gun on the job because of everything going on with Danny, I loved his response:

You're lucky you were riding with Renzulli and not me. I would have knocked your teeth in. | permalink

You'll never have to guess how Henry feels about something.  He'll be the first one to tell you. This was quickly followed by Frank's insight that "it's better to be judged by twelve than carried by six."  In other words, when in doubt pull your weapon.

Blue Bloods felt like it was back on track this week with an episode that intertwined that cop and family sides of this drama into an entertaining hour.

Friendly Fire Review

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