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A police dog is accused of attacking a child. Frank, who once had a K-9 partner who was killed in the line of duty visits the dog to ascertain its guilt. Then he visits the father of the child, an attorney and tells him he suspects the father framed the dog for a bite that occurred elsewhere and that the city won't settle the law suit.

Det. Baez runs into her brother, Javi who has been a drug addict since they were teens. Turns out Javi got clean but his former dealer, Benny Russo fears he'll turn him over to the police and tries to have him killed.

Javi agrees to set up Russo but Russo and his guys grab him and get away.  By tracking Javi's cell phone, Danny and Baez find him before he can be killed.

Henry's ex-partner Colleen loses her husband to cancer. Her daughter tells Henry she suspects that her mother helped kill her father.

Henry finds a pack slip for a drug used for euthanasia but Colleen shows him the drug, unopened. She and her husband talked about it but she couldn't go through with the plan.

Henry admits to a friend that back in the day, he asked for a new partner because he was attracted to Colleen and didn't want to risk his marriage.

The Reagans celebrate Thanksgiving Day with dinner.

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

You know you two are worse than my kids.


Danny: Why do they call him Tic Tac?
Baez: Because if it looks like a pill he'll swallow it, just like every other drug.