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Danny is on the jury and is the only juror to vote not guilty in the case accusing Dashawn Williams of stabbing and killing a girl in a local store.  When Danny gets into an argument with the juror foreman, the judge declares a mistrial. Danny has two weeks until the new trial to prove Dashawn innocent.

Danny finds that the eye witness is actually the girlfriend to a local drug dealer who Ella called the police on. Turns out the girlfriend actually killed Ella and lied that she'd witnessed Dashawn do it.

Franks's friend,  Angelo Gallo a mob attorney is shot after he tells his client he can't represent him because he found out the mobster killed a witness. Frank get Angelo to tell him where to find the body, then has Angelo arrested for obstructing the investigation to keep him safe from the mob.

Jamie's partner, Eddie is assaulted by her date but tries to hide it in fear that she'll be seen as weak by other cops. Jamie convinces her that her date has done this before and will do it again if she doesn't press charges. Eddie and Jamie arrest him for attempted sexual assault.

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

Eddie: Chicks like dating firefighters. Do you ever see a beefcake calendar with NYPD? You don't.
Jamie: Maybe I'll start one.

Riding a desk is no where on my bucket list.