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A judge, an attorney, and a doctor are all killed by a lone gunman riding a motorcycle in three separate attacks. The only obvious similarity between the victims appears to be that they are all jewish.

Frank is upset when the Jewish coalition decides to hire its own security at all synagogues. Frank takes it as a vote of no confidence against the NYPD. Erin tells him he's thinking about it like a politician.

Danny and Baez finally figure out that the three victims were all a part of a medical malpractice case and that there was also a nurse who testified. Danny finds the nurse just after she shoots her attacker. After working 20 years at a NYC hospital, she has a carry permit for a firearm.

Linda is mugged outside of a mobile clinic in a bad area. Danny doesn't want her to work the clinic any longer but Linda is angry. Later, she applies for a gun permit but doesn't tell Danny. When she sees the mugger again, she calls 911 and he is arrested. She later gives Danny the gun she bought, telling him she doesn't want it.

Erin finds a major case is crumbling when someone from her office switched the gun that was in evidence. It turns out her assistant Olivia's brother was threatened so she swapped out the guns. Erin has her arrested and forces her to testify in court. 


Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

Garrett: When you and Donald Stein part after a meeting, who kisses whose ring?
Frank: Neither, it is a bear hug and a my best to your family.

A good lawyer can do three things at once.