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Marcus Beall, a a rookie, refuses to wear his bullet proof vest and gives Jamie attitude about it when he mentions that wearing it is policy. Later Jamie finds out that Marcus is the son of a man who died many years ago and saved Danny’s life in the military. Danny wants Jamie to be Marcus’ mentor. 

Jamie partners with Marcus for the day. When Marcus doesn’t listen to Jamie while trying to catch a suspect, a young girl gets hurt. Marcus crows that he acted when Jamie wouldn’t and they get into an altercation. Danny takes Marcus’ side. Later Marcus rushes in and shoots at a bank robber after being told to wait out front. Marcus is upset because he almost got shot. He considers resigning. 

Danny admits that he hasn’t helped Marcus but that Jamie can. They agree to talk to Marcus together. 

Erin walks in on her investigator, Anthony having a dispute with a retired cop, Harry, over a real estate deal they made with Anthony’s cousin, Joey.  Erin finds that Joey may be involved in defrauding police charities. Anthony asks to be a part of the investigation. One of Joey’s victim’s comes forward, shocking Anthony. When he finds out Joey is on the run, he offers to help find him. He takes Erin to see Joey’s mother, Sophia. They use his mother to trap Joey and arrest him. 

Representatives from MI-5, the Metropolitan Police, and Commander Sloane Thompson, City of London Police meet with Frank. They are there to learn about the NYPD’s counter-terrorism measures but Commander Thompson doesn’t believe that they will see the most vital parts of the NYPD’s information and gets off on the wrong foot with Frank. She’s later ordered by her superiors to apologize to Frank, which she does. 

Frank asks Sloane to dinner to discuss policy in private. After dinner, she asks him back to her hotel room for a nightcap. He accepts. 

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 6 Episode 17 Quotes

Anthony: I'd arrest my own mother if I thought she was scamming cops.
Erin: Your own mother?
Anthony: But with lots of backup.

I can tell you what the Irish in me truly dreads, ultimatums delivered in British accents.