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City Council Speaker Regina Thomas wants to dismantle the NYPD’s Broken Windows policy, a policy which Frank supports. The two argue vehemently during a meeting. Regina plans a public meeting to be held on the subject. Garrett arranges an interview for Frank with the Times to try and get his point of view out to the public. The interview makes Frank look as though he’s against the entire council.

Regina puts forth a bill to decriminalize what she considers minor offenses. Frank strongly opposes the bill. He goes the the council meeting and asks the Speaker to help find a compromise.  The bill doesn’t pass the vote but Frank still offers to meet with the Speaker to find a way to make the Broken Windows policy work better for everyone. 

Linda asks Danny and Baez to help her friend at work Laurie D’Angelo. Laurie’s ex-husband, Ronnie, is harassing her and taking their son without permission. Danny is reluctant to get involved but they both go and talk to Ronnie who says his marriage is sacred and he plans to fight for it. Ronnie gets arrested after he goes crazy upon hearing that Laurie is going to marry her boyfriend Paul.

Danny convinces Laurie to talk to Ronnie and give him another chance before getting a restraining order. Later, when Mathew goes missing from the school playground, Laurie believes Ronnie took him. Danny and Baez find Mathew at a friend’s home instead. Later, Laurie calls Linda because her boyfriend Paul has gone missing. Danny gets angry. He tells Linda that he’s tired of her being scared all the time since she got shot. She calls him four or five times a shift and keeps their sons on a short leash. He feels like she’s always looking for the next bad thing to happen and he’s had enough of it.

Danny finds Ronnie and asks if he knows anything about Paul Rossi going missing. He says no but then runs. He has Paul tied up in a warehouse. Ronnie holds a gun on Paul but Danny manages to talk him down and turn himself in. Later Danny tells Linda that he’s not angry with her but that he is terrified of losing her. They both decide to be grateful for the time they have together.  

Erin’s old friend, Judge Zachary Wilson’s wife is killed by a drunk driver her who had multiple offenses on his record. Later the judge begins handing down the harshest sentences and throwing out evidence that could prove defendants guilty. Erin tries to talk to Wilson about it but he reacts angrily. Erin says she’ll have to file a complaint but then she gets orders from her boss not to and to apologize to the judge instead. 

Erin files the complaint anyway and the DA suspends her.  Later Judge Wilson visits Erin at home. He admits that she was right. He’s having her suspension lifted and he’s taking a leave of absence. 

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 6 Episode 16 Quotes

Garrett: You'll play nice?
Frank: Right up until nice doesn't work.

It's hard to do the right thing when you don't know what the right thing to do is.