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Erin is trying to find Dr. Jeffery Durning to prosecute him for killing his wife Beth after his first trial ended in a hung jury. Erin threatens the previous prosecutor, Kathy Elliott who now runs her own podcast to tell them where Jeffery is but she refuses. Mindy, a witness in the case tells Erin that Jeffery came and threatened her and that she told the Kathy, the previous prosecutor but she did nothing. 

Erin gets warrant to put a GPS tracker on Kathy’s car and finds her interviewing Durning. They arrest Jeffery for murder and Kathy for hindering prosecution. Kathy produces photos, supposedly of Beth in Columbia. Turns out the photo was photoshopped. Kathy agrees to turn over everything she has on Jeffery in her files. 

Jamie and Eddie find Harry Clark, dead in his apartment. They find tens of thousands of dollars in cash and a letter he left saying he was sorry. Harry was sending Sandy Harper money every few months that she used to pay her grandsons special needs school. Harry was friends with her her late husband who was a guard at a bank. He was killed during a bank robbery over 20 years earlier. 

Jamie talks to Henry, hypothetically about the money. In the end he makes a judgement call. He knows the administrator missed some of the cash in the apartment. As Sandy was one of Harry’s only friends, he allows her to go in and pick out his funeral outfit and take what ever momentos she’d like. He specifically tells her to look under the bed. Eddie questions what they’ve just done but Jamie feels it’s the right thing to do. 

Frank and Nick Constantine, a man who did 20 years in prison, sit down with Tyrell, a young man who just got out of prison after three years. They hand him a card with his picture on it and the number 15 on the back because that’s how many years he’ll do if he commits another crime with a gun. Nick shows him his own card. It says LIFE on the back. 

Danny and Baez get called to a shootout at a diner. A photo shows Nick Constantine in the parking lot. Danny and Baez find and arrest him but Nick says he will only talk to Frank. The gun on Nick matches the one used in the murder. Frank thinks Nick is covering for someone. 

Nick’s son, Stavros goes to Danny and says he shot Alex at the diner and his father is covering for him. Danny knows the confession isn’t true. When Nick finds out, he makes a full confession about murdering Alex. 


Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 6 Episode 18 Quotes

Not nice is not grounds for a justifiable homicide.


Jamie: What if I told you I found some of the money?
Harry: I'd say forget the brisket, you're taking us to Peter Luger's for family dinner.