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When there are over half a dozen robberies of pedestrians in one area, Jamie and Eddie go undercover as an elderly couple to try and catch the culprits. They catch the crew but the guy who pulls the knife gets away. 

Jamie wonders why only one block is being targeted. When they set up another sting they catch the gang leader. Turns out the man who owns the apartment building on that block paid his crew to target people to get them to move out so he could see the building. The gang leader wears a wire and gets the confession. 

Erin plans to go on vacation until the DA tells her to take on ADA Kelly Blake’s case when her case ends up as a hung jury. Kelly says that one juror, Elliott North tanked her case by voting not guilty. When Erin goes to talk to him, he records her because he doesn’t trust white people or lawyers. 

Elliott says that the police report in evidence listed another eye witness who said the suspect was white while  the defendant was black. Erin finds out that witness, Robin Dunn, was a drug using prostitute. She has Anthony, the D.A.’s investigator track Robin down but she’s been killed. Erin begins to suspect the victim’s wife, Louise, and trails her. She finds with another man, Richard Hart. Richard had a record and is quick to turn on Louise. 

Frank swears in Manny Francisco, as an NYPD officer. Frank saved Manny as a baby when he found him in a dumpster 25 years ago. During the press conference, the press wants to know if the mayor has asked Frank to continue on as the Commissioner for his second term and if Frank will accept if he does. Frank doesn’t have an answer for either question. 

Turns out Frank is upset that the mayor hasn’t asked him yet and believes he’s talked to other candidates. Garrett says that the mayor plans on asking Frank to stay on but wants a guarantee that he’ll say yes if he does. Frank admits he’s not sure what he wants to do and his staff and family worry about the consequences if he resigns. Danny seems to be the only one who completely supports whatever decision his father chooses to make.

In the end, Frank sends word to the mayor that he will stay on as commissioner. 

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 6 Episode 9 Quotes

I seem to recall a guy who looks just like you telling me that a cop should never make a promise that they can't keep.


No, I didn't win. Winning is for losers. I crushed. I obliterated. I annihilated it.