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Frank watches a suicide bombing in Tel Aviv on TV that killed 56 people. There is credible evidence of coordinated attacks around the world, including New York. This is the day he dreads every day he’s on the job. 

Jamie and Eddie are call to the Dusty Pink strip club where waitress Lacey Chambers has a tip on a a guy talking about 72 virgins and how every one will know his name after today. After tracking down surveillance video they figure out he is Stanislav but don’t know much more than that.

Nazeem, a man from Afghanistan who doesn’t speak english tries to tell people about the three bombs he’s found men working on in his apartment building. Eventually, Danny and Baez bring him in and get the right translator. Turns out Nazeem overheard the men say they were planning to detonate the three bombs in the city today. In the meantime, bombs go off in London and Bangladesh. 

The police raid Nazeem’s apartment building and find two man and two bombs but the Stanislav and the third bomb are missing. Danny threatens one of the bombers lives but gets no where.

Jamie and Eddie go back to the waitress to try and find more information about Stanislav and figure out that he worked at the restaurant Cipriani’s. Danny and Baez head there and find that the manager bleeding in a storage closet. Baez stays with her and calls for an ambulance as Danny tracks down Stanislav.

Danny and Stanislav fight over the bomb and Danny’s gun. Both are injured and Danny gets to his gun just in time to kill Stanislav before he’s able to detonate the bomb. Later, Frank decides to tell the public that there never was a credible threat in order to let people live in peace. 

At the Reagan family dinner, Nicky wants to go gluten-free for a guy she’s dating while Jack slips up and says he has a friend who gave up beer at parties for a girl. Frank decides that sometime ignorance really is bliss. 


Blue Bloods
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