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Russ Vandenburg, a friend of Danny’s, was just promoted to Detective First Grade. His former partner, Ellen Turner, a recovering addict, is trying to make amends for past actions and believes that their photo array ID, in the case of Cherisse Paxton wasn’t legitimate because Cherisse was the only picture with a mole on her face. 

Ellen shows up at Russ’ party but Danny intercepts her and drives her home. The next morning Sgt. Bannon questions Danny. Ellen left them a message saying she’d be in to see them this morning, but now she’s missing.

Ellen’s son, Richie, says that he overheard Russ and Ellen arguing about an old case. The next day, Ellen turns up dead in the river. Danny tries to get Russ to go to Internal Affairs and tell them about his fight with Ellen over the old case. 

Ellen visited Charisse Paxton in prison three days prior to her death told Charlie Tosh Ellen was trying to overturn her conviction. Since Charlie really committed the murder, he kills Ellen to stop her. Later, Russ decides to move in with Ellen’s son. 

Chief Travis Jackson is hitting the mandatory retirement age at the NYPD but he’s refusing to retire. He files an age discrimination lawsuit against the department which upsets Frank. Travis accuses Frank of simply not wanting to rock the boat. Eventually, Frank looks into what it would take to have the state law repealed, but that won’t happen before Travis must retire. 

Jamie and Eddie are in a prank war with Officer Welch and his rookie partner. Welch put old sushi in Jamie’s locker. Eddie filled a donut with shaving cream, knowing Welch would steal it. Then Welch signs Jamie and Eddie up to volunteer for the NYPD green vehicle program and they spend the day riding in a tiny Smart Car. 


Jamie and Eddie try to call a truce, but Welch’s partner accuse them of spiking Welch’s drink. Jamie and Eddie are appalled and retract their offer of a truce. Eventually Internal Affairs gets involved and orders them to switch partners. Both Jamie, Eddie, and Welsh think that the rookie might be a mole for Internal Affairs. 

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 7 Episode 18 Quotes

Erin: Mandatory retirement is hardly the same as execution.
Frank: It is to some guys. It is to Travis Jackson. It would be to me.

It is what it is. You might as well go out with a bang and an open bar, right?